The wild man

This little guy is a wild man! He will be 5 months tomorrow & I can't believe it. Well, I guess in some ways I can since the last 5 months of my life are a hazy blur. (The lack of sleep makes me a bit many of you may have noticed.):)

Aidan loves his bouncer. Today when I went to put him in it he started kicking so much I had a hard time getting his chubby legs through the legholes! In this short clip he is watching Ethan and just cracking up. He loves Ethan so much. He also loves when Ethan strips down for bathtime. Last night Ethan was in his birthday suit swinging his jammies around like a lasso & Aidan couldn't stop laughing. I'd never heard him belly laugh so long and hard before...and of course we all end up laughing too!

PS Sorry the picture is so dark...but you get the general idea of what Aidan does everyday!:)


Siri said...

Bouncers are the best! And I really miss those days when my girls had chubby little legs. Soooo cute!

Tanya said...

he is a wild man! good thing trey worked that bouncer in when he was little.

Brian said...

So cute. And I love the sibling bond too. It is way fun. What a cute little guy. If he keeps up the bouncing his legs will become pure muscle.

Hendricksonblog said...

do they have those for overweight adults?

Unknown said...

yes, they are called trampolines...or sometimes referred to as bungy jumping.:)

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