DIY Cute Holiday Gift Tags & Merry Measure

{Glitter & Circles}
Yes, you can.  And its super easy.

Just go gather up a few things:

Cool Cardstock (preferrably with lots of glitter;)
Holiday Stickers
1 3/8" Hole Punch or some scissors to cut circles with
3" Hole Punch or some scissors to cut circles with
A regular hole punch or some scissors to cut circles with
Some string

Optional: 1/4" sticky foam (you can find it at Joann's-its for the "3D" effect!)

{Picture Perfect}
Okay, I'm not going to talk your ears off during this one.  (I know, I can stop gasping!:) I just love how festive and fun these picture are so I'll let them do most of the talking!:)

{Got these darling stickers at Xpedx.  They are from  I'm in love with their stuff.}

Wait a minute...Perry, how did you get in there? Oh, my 7 year old who couldn't resist taking a snapshot as soon as I set the camera down?  Got it.

Back to business...

Sweet-a-lishious.  And if you get a Camera Coat for Christmas you might just see one of these cute tags come to your doorstep!

{Winter Wonderland}
Oh, and for merry measure...

Riley Blake 2010 Colorful Christmas by My Mind's Eye.  I'm thinking maybe a few festive pillowcases may be in order!:)

{Take a Breath}
I heard the sweetest words today. The ones that cause you to think about what you're doing with your time.

"Mom, can I cuddle with you?" 

So here's a friendly reminder...
The million and one things we do this season will always be there.

Don't forget to stop and cuddle.

Oh, and Happy Tagging!

"Snuggle" Toad

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Smelling Freedom

{Just Smell It}

Today I'm thankful that my husband can smell like palm trees, sunshine, and freedom. 

Isn't it great to know what freedom smells like? 

Bah, ha, ha! Hope you had a great turkey day!

Thanksgiving Tags

{Thanks time}
Regardless of what time of year it is we should always try to show appreciation to those around us.  But if you want to step it up this year and make someone's day here's a few simple ideas and cute little printables to aid you on your way!

{The List}
1st, make a list of the people around you that make your life better.  So many people have thank-less jobs and a little acknowledgement goes a long way.  Here let me help you...

Great people: School secretary, the crossing guard, the nurse you always talk to at the pediatrician's office, garbage man, teacher's aid, bus driver, sunday school teacher, car pool mom's, your favorite babysitter, the piano teacher, hair dresser, etc, etc the list goes on and get the picture! 

One of our favorite people is Aidan's bus driver Kim. Love her. I'm so thankful for her and how great she is with my 3 year old. 

Isn't she cute?

{Get Personal}
Once you have your list, its time to get personal.  The best gifts are the ones that actually mean something to someone. They don't have to be big and elaborate to touch someone's heart.

If you're going to make cookies for the school secretary, find out what her favorite one's are.  See your 1st graders teacher drinking Diet Coke, get her a 12 pack. (Hope Ms. Snow doesn't read that or her there will be no surprise next week!:)

Oh, and photos rock. You can do so much with them!

This is my aunt Diane.  As you can tell, she loves her dog.

So, how's this for a fun little gift!

Super simple.  Or if you have family and friends who live out of town you can always stick a picture in the mail or just attach it to an email!

{Tag & Give}
Now all you have to do is tag 'em and give 'em. Here are a few fun printables that might help!

Just click on the picture to download the tag.

There you go!

Just remember, the most important thing is to just say Thanks. 

So, THANKS for being so great! Yes, YOU!:)

Your Toady

Dreams {Squared}

{Tooth Fairy Returns}
If you thought your dreams came true by losing one tooth, than losing 2 is even more amazing. 

Look out Edward!:)

Dreams Do Come True

{Hello Tooth Fairy!}
Yes, its happens. Dreams do come true.

Last year when he was in Kindergarten Ethan would come home and be bummed that he hadn't lost a tooth yet. And now, in the 1st grade, his class is full of loose teeth, gaps, and goofy grins. Turing 7 a few weeks ago without losing a single tooth was just about all he could bare.

And then Saturday night...

The smile tells it all. So don't give up on your heart felt wishes. You're dreams may come true sooner than you think.;)

{People Appreciation}
If you're in the SLC area be sure to set your DVR for Friday at 4 PM on Ch 2 News...they have done it again!  This silly little Toad will be doing a little segment on great ways you can show gratitude for the people around you.  With a few tips from Toad, pretty new printables, and one of a kind ideas...well, I guess you'll just have to watch! 

Last year's "Thank-ful for You" printable...


Magical Fabric Kingdom

{Be Warned.}
As a your friend, I have to give you a heads up. If you love fabric or trim or street tacos or LA, you must proceed reading at your own risk. 

You may be physically and emotionally affected by these photos. 

Don't be surprised if your heart begins to race, your jaw drops, sweat beads up on your forehead, or if you decide next time you visit CA you're travel itinerary must change.

I'm about to share with you one of the most life-changing experiences of my "sewing/crafting" life.

I had my very 1st visit to the LA Fashion District.  Namely, the fabric/trim section which is around 9th and Maple in downtown LA.  And I must ask you to refrain from spitting or cursing at Joann's next time you walk through the door with your 40% off coupon and think you're getting a deal.

(My Course}
My plan of attack consisted of the following:

1) Leaving the husband and boys back at the condo in Oceanside. Um, yeah...this part is self explanatory.

2) Charting my course.  I found the blogs Lil' Blue Boo and MADE to be extremely helpful. (Thanks girls!) Running a into a local friend--my sister-in-law Tanya's sister Chelsea-- didn't hurt either! I know, totally random and awesome. She pointed me in the right direction of her favorite shops.  (Thanks Chelsea! I also loved that we were both sporting these ginormous backpacks to stuff our treasures in.)

3) Driving myself to LA using my phone and my good friend Google Navigator GPS. (Yes, I went by myself. I guess my years leaving in the New Jersey/NY area toughened me up! Actually, it wasn't even as sketchy as I planned on, and I think its probably good for white girls living in Utah to feel like a minority every now and then!:))

4) Shop. I don't think my eyes popped back into my back until the next day. 

5) Beating traffic out of  LA.  I literally ran around like a wild woman stuffing my backpack trying not to get stuck in traffic.

Running? Really Toad? I hear you, but I also think you would have running right along side of me. Now its time for you to see what all the fuss is about.

Yes, that's $.99 a yard...) And the whole day I shopped the most I paid was $2.50/yd, and that was for 100% organic cotton!

I decided that talking about this unbelievable place is like having a really can't explain it or know what its like unless you've actually done it.  With that being said, I'll do my best to show you where you'll want to go next time your family takes a trip to the Magic Kingdom.  Just go North to YOUR Magic Kingdom. :)


What do you do with all of this? I have no idea. But I love it. 

I loved the helpers. (You know, the people who answer my random questions and cut the stuff.) Not only are were they a lot of help, and even posed for my pictures. Total keepers.

These were taken at a store called Target Trim. What a place!

And if you ever go in there, just will you tell Raffi "Hi" for me?

{Pit Stop}
I'd never seen a street hot dog wrapped in bacon before in my life. And I noticed that the locals LOVED them.

Here was my criteria for getting food off the street:
1) A woman had to prepare it. (Odds are they are a little more careful, although I know this is a stereotype--:))
2) The cleanest cart I could find.

And I found it.

My gal.

And my lunch choice. Steak street tacos. Ahh, I can't stop thinking about them. I should have eaten at least 3 more before I left. I'm not kidding.

This is one of Chelsea's favorite places and it quickly became one of mine too.  Not only did I go crazy on the fabric (my new batch of Camera Coats is going to be S.W.E.E.T.), but I got FOE (Fold Over Elastic=the elastic that everyone makes those baby headbands out of) for $.25/yd and they had every color you could imagine...and more.

The helpers at JJ's.

Carlos the cutter at Micheal Levine's.  He helped me with that sweet cotton laminate that I'll be talking more about very soon. (NEW Rain Slickies here we come!!)

(Line Heaven)
And just in case you were wondering, we did make it over to the other Magic Kingdom.  {Although for my husband it is less than magical...well, unless you're talking about the money in your pocket disappearing.;)}

 But more about the fam's adventures later.  Its time for you to start making a game plan for your trip to LA.  Unless, of course, you live within a 2 hours radius of it and then you can tell us your game plan!! (And if you don't have one, shame on you! ;)  Don't take it for granted another minute!) 

Your fabric lovin' gal,

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