Best Family Beach Activities Part 1

{Creative Kids}
If you ever went to the beach as a kid then you probably have some pretty fond memories of sand castles and searching for sea shells.  The Oregon Coast does not disappoint in either of these areas.  In fact, heading to Seaside with my grown sibling and their kids is not only fun, but its amazing to see what these kids come up with.  

So here you go...The Best Beach Activities via the "Smith grandkids."

Lucy (6) : Sand Cupcakes & Mermaids.    

Aidan (5): Sand Surf and Football 

Peter (31), Matt (29), & every kid in sight: GIANT sand castle building. Check out those buckets.

Tip: When you grab a bucket from the garage be sure it isn't one of your dads watering buckets...:)

Nyree (2): Sand Dancing & Singing

Grayson (5): Making Super Sand Faces

Are you ready to hit the beach? 

And more ideas to come! 

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