Slurp your blog

I wanted to share something I'm excited about. Tanya told me about how people "slurp" their blogs. It means that they get them made into a hardback book. So I've been trying to post things I'd want to remember and see my own journal. (You may have noticed.)

So as you read my blog you may or may not be interested in what I'm saying, but now at least you know why I'm saying it!:)

I'm going to "slurp" my blog from last year and I'll see how it goes! It may take the place of photo albums and scrap booking at the Ashby home! (Hallelujah!)

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Brian said...

I would love to see that when it is done. I am not a big fan scrapbooking nor do I have the time luxury of doing it. So I would love to have another option. Cute idea.

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