Easy Fox DIY Shirts, Bags, and More For Those Fox Lovers!

{Say what?}
What does the fox say? 
Just in case you've been hiding in a cave and not a forest...come on out and let's talk foxes.  Yes, foxes.  Those orange-ish, cat-like creatures have quickly become all of the rage these days!

What started out as a "joke" of a music video has gone completely viral.   If you don't believe me just stand in a crowd (or around my 2 boys) and say the words, "What Does the Fox Say?"-- I promise you will get a range of interesting & random made up sounds like "Ya Ta Ta Ta Ya Ta Ta Tee Tee Tee".

And if your lucky, dancing may also accompany the strange noises. :)

The way I see it, there are a million things worse than a fox that our kids could love...so let's embrace this little song and dance. :)  And if you really want to win points with the younger generation this Christmas go for something like this...

{This cute fox bag is for sale on Etsy for $25.}

As I was running jogging ;) the other day I thought about all of the fun we could have with this fad.  And so here are some DIY Fox ideas...with tutorials and a great deal of foxy fun to follow!

#1 What Does the Fox Say T-shirt
Rachel at Serendipity Designs (Etsy)  had the cutest fox that I could find.  So for $2.50 plus $2.00 for the custom wording I got an email with a PDF of this cute fox clip art!  In the next few days I will do a picture tutorial on how I made this cute fox shirt (using the fox as an iron on), but for now just feast your eyes on this sweet design!

But did I stop there? Oh, no!  Why not stick foxes everywhere!

#2 Cute Fox Bags (Made with Iron Ons)
If these simple bags don't get you excited about what the fox says I'm not sure what will.  These were so easy and something ANYONE would love!!

This little tote was made with digital art via Creative Market.  Set $8.  So sweet.  Once again, just printed them out on iron paper and ironed them right onto the bag. 

 #3 Fox in a Frame
If you want a great conversation starter I dare you to put this on your desk.  You will not only be super cool, but super foxy.

Just print out a fox...any fox...and put it in a cute frame.  I know...you can totally do this!

#4 Stuffed Fox Plushie DIY
Coming soon will also be an easy tutorial about how to make these cute DIY foxes!  Inspired by my easy owls, these foxes are fun, fast, and make a great pillow or stuffed toy!

Now what do YOU say?! Well, you can catch these foxy ideas and more on KSL Ch 5 tomorrow morning at 6:45!  Ethan and I will be talking up foxes.

And the tutorials for these great projects will follow!

A Fox loving Toad
+Emily Ashby

What Does the Fox Say Stuffed Plushie Pillow

{What does the fox say?}
Oh yes...we did!  My friend Janeen and I went a little crazy last weekend and came up with this cute stuffed fox!  Since foxes are all the craze now we are excited to share the simple DIY tutorial with you...soon!  I just couldn't wait to show him off...

What does YOUR fox say? :)

+Emily Ashby

Think Outside the Frame: What to do with those Fall Family Pictures!

{Sweet photo products}
So now that you've "fought the good fight" & tackled the task of getting family photos taken you're ready to get some prints...right? Well hold your horses!  I've got some great ideas that take you beyond just sticking them into a frame or a Christmas card!

Emily Ashby Toad's Treasures

#1  The 1st product is this awesome metal print.  Yes, this is a photo printed on metal! Not only is it cute but obviously super sturdy & stylish!  These metal prints would make a great addition to any home or office! These come in a variety of sizes and cuts and they include the ribbon for hanging. Starting at $11 they are a great way to show off those photos! I love it. Black River Imaging

Emily Ashby Toad's Treasures

#2 The Family Book. Ah, so simple yet so great. Keep all those photos in one place by uploading to a book via Paper Coterie. The books all have templates so all you have to do is add the photos! 

You've just taken a bunch of pictures so don't just put one on the wall and the rest in the shoe box!  Your kids will love looking at the photobooks...and so will you! $22 Paper Coterie.

Emily Ashby

Emily Ashby Toad's Treasures

Emily Ashby

 #3 Swatch Books. Throw this on your coffee table!  Its like the paint swatch from Home Depot but with your photos!  Clever and unique...and what a great little holiday gift! $22 Paper Coterie.

Emily Ashby KSL Creative

#4 Floating Mounts.  I'm a huge fan of canvas prints.  I hate dealing with the hassle and mounting of a frame. Canvas makes it so easy to handle, hang, move, or store!  These canvas prints from Black River Imaging have an cool mount on the back that not only makes it easy to hang, but gives it an elegant look because it hangs away from the wall!
Starting at $25 Black River Imaging

Emily Ashby Toad's Treasures

Emily Ashby

#5 Poster Board Print...one of my favorite ways to print large pictures.  Economical, durable, and preserves a photo whether you hang it or put it in the attic.  Starting at $15 at Costco.

Emily Ashby DIY Toad's Treasures Family Photo Ideas

Emily Ashby DIY Toad's Treasures Family Photo Ideas

#6 Metal Christmas Ornaments. These speak for themselves!  Forget the paper or plastic ornaments, metal ornaments rocks family photos! Starting at $15 Black River Imaging 

Emily Ashby DIY Toad's Treasures Family Photo Ideas Christmas Ornaments Metal

Emily Ashby DIY Toad's Treasures Family Photo Ideas Christmas Ornaments Metal

#7 Desktop Photos  Everyone needs of these for their workplace whether its in corporate America or in your home office.  They are also great for above the sink in the kitchen...which everyone's work space, right?! You can easily change the photos around and they store nice and tidy in the bottom of frame. $25 Paper Coterie.

Toad's Treasures Family Photo Ideas

See...there is a light at the end of the family photo tunnel!  So many great products for great prices!  Thanks to Paper Coterie and Black River Imaging for providing these awesome products for me to share with you...I hand picked them myself and will LOVE having these in our home!

For more tips on how to have a great family picture you can see my last post on Fall Family Photo Tips.

Yay! Family photos are worth the work. Do you have any family photo ideas? Let's hear them in the comments!

+Emily Ashby

Fall Family Photo Tips, Tricks, & Down to Earth Ideas

{Fall Family Photo Time}
Ahh, yes...it's that time of year again!  The air is getting crisp, leaves are falling, and you know that you really want to get family pictures but aren't sure if you're up for the fight!  Believe me, I know that feeling.

Need a little photo pep talk and inspiration?  Look no further!

{Family Photo Tips}
Although I don't consider myself professional photographer, each year I offer to take family photos for friends and family for a nominal fee.  I have a 2 fold mission...
1)To keep up on my skills I like to take family photos
2) I like to help out my friends and family with their pictures.

Over the years I've noticed a few things that can help make a photo session a little less painful & I'm going to share them with YOU!

#1 Try to plan out clothes that compliment each other, are your family style, but aren't too matchy.  I recently heard of a new professional called a Photo Stylist.  They help you pick clothes for your family and help you pick a good place for pictures.  May not be a bad idea if you're really stressed about the wardrobe thing.

Or you can do like I do...find other family photos you like and just try to look like them! My friend Heather (above) never ceases to amaze me with what she can pull together without spending a bundle.  Jessica (below) is another master of coordination! Using clothes already in your closet is great!  You don't want to go out and buy a bunch of "dressy" clothes if your family HATES getting dressed up...the pictures won't be natural!

Think back to when you were growing up...did you like putting on your Sunday clothes for family photo? My little brothers told the story of how they felt about that in each of those family pictures...and I must say they weren't joyfully smiling faces. You want happy pictures...right? Think cute and comfy! :)

#2  Worry the most about yourself. I know this sounds weird, but its so true.  You aren't going to like a photo of your family if YOU don't look good!  Kids are kids and are pretty much always cute...so if you're going to get anyone a new outfit for the photo it should be YOU!

How cute are these moms!!  Simple, cute, & with a little personality.

#3 You know how you look good.  This tip goes right along with tip #2...if you don't like the photo of yourself you won't like the pictures.  YOU know how to position your self in a photo so that you look good. Don't be shy in letting your photographer know this.  (Especially if she is a skinny gal. Nothing against those genetically blessed ladies, but they don't always "get it".) 

If you are worried about looking "fat", like 99.9% of women out there, then try these strategies...  

-Wear a dark, long sleeved colors...they are always more flattering.  Long sleeves help you keep your arms right where you want them.  

Note: By showing these photos I am NOT saying these women don't look good.  They all looked great in all of the photos I took, but these were the ones they like the best. 

-Its okay not to be front and center.  Crouching or "hiding" behind kids or the husband is perfectly OK!  It takes the pressure off of you, believe me. 

-Do your hair as you normally would.  {But add more makeup...just like the TV stars...see tip #4}  I had to learn this the hard way...for myself...believe me.   It took me a few trip to the news station for creative TV segments to realize that I would be the most confident and comfortable if I just did what I always do with my hair.  

#4 Wearing more make up in pictures/video is a GOOD idea.  You may feel like a clown, but it makes your eyes pop & we all look better with rosy cheeks and touch of lipstick.  If you need help go to the MAC counter at Nordstroms and just let them go for it.   (Yes, I did this. My fashionista sister Margo dragged me there & it was the best thing I ever did for myself.) You don't have to wear it everyday, but its great to have that stash of "special" make up when you need it!  

#5 Remember its only a picture, not the end of the world. If it isn't perfect, don't worry.  If you're not up to getting a picture of yourself this year...that's FINE!  In fact, last year I was mad at Bob (the husband) and there was no way I was going to stand by him in a photo and put a fake smile on my face!  (Um, no...he was not aware of this.)

Anyway, I just took pictures of the boys and sent them out.  It was great and at least I don't regret having pictures of them! Fortunately...I'm not mad this year. :) 

So, good luck to you my friends.  As you conquer the task of the family photo I hope these tips will help you make it worthwhile!

Emily aka Photo Toad
+Emily Ashby

Fall Apple DIY Treat & Craft: Apple Smiles

Okay, you'll need to put on your abstract glasses for this one. 

Do you see it?  :)  Maybe that upper lip is a bit fat and gums a bit ooozy, but hey...who's perfect?

Yes, sliced apples, a bit of peanut butter, & some nice fluffy mellows = Fun Fall Smile!

Just prepare for a little peanut butter mess while "crafting" this treat.  The good news is that is that the kids love to lick it right up! :)

The perfect fall DIY craft and afternoon snack...Enjoy!

-Toad and Aidan

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