Best of Summer 2012: Fordyce's Lemon Cake & Pioneer Woman's Blueberry Muffin Recipe

{Cherish the Times}
For some summer may be long gone,
but not for this little Toady.  I've decided that summer isn't over until Cowabunga Bay {our local water park} I still have one more week. Yay!

To ensure that I will always cherish some of the simple joys we loved these past few months I've decided do do a little Best of Summer 2012 Series!  Yippee! And it will start with one GREAT farm in the Pacific Northwest...

{Fordyce Farm: Salem, Oregon}
And let me introduce you some of the best Lemon Cake imaginable.

Made by Mr. Fordyce himself. When his son came out of the kitchen with a little flour on his forehead and licking his lips recommending this cake that his dad just baked I couldn't say no.  And we (grandma and I) bought 2 pieces. :)

It takes even better than it looks.

{Mr. Fordyce: Farmer/Baker}
Ever since I can remember picking berries I remember the Fordyce Farm.  A family run farm that produces some of the best produce you can find on the planet.  And I've always been impressed with the farmer himself.  I don't know this man personally, but I've seen him around the farm...driving his tractor or guiding his help.  He has some sons that help him run the place and they are such great guys.

What is even more impressive is that this farmer is also a baker.  With his commercial grade kitchen I'm told (by his son) that he bakes 4-5 hours a day and LOVES it.  (This is besides being a Master Gardener, of course.:)

Here is one of my favorites he whips out...

and believe me when I say that he can't keep them in stock.

This year Marge, the boys, & I tried some their homemade ice-cream. Yum and Yum.

Fordyce Blueberries: What keeps up coming back.  
There isn't a better way to start the day than picking (and eating) these gems. 

{Best Muffins Ever}
And beside stuffing our faces with the berries until we can stand ourselves anymore, I sacrificed a few to make some of the best blueberry muffins ever.  Thanks to Pioneer Woman I once again gained 10 pounds this summer. (Okay, maybe it wasn't just the muffins...)  But this recipe was AMAZING.

You can find it on her website HERE.

Mmmmm. Just looking at this picture makes my mouth water.  Thank-you Mr. Fordyce and Mrs. Drummond.

-A Lemon Cake Berry Loving Toady

$40 FREE at Paper Coterie

{Paper Coterie Love}
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Here are a few little gems I've had printed via Paper Coterie. I love it.   

You can search my blog under "Paper Coterie" for more details on how I made these and other ideas.  Most of them were with big discounts or this $40 one for newbies!

More of life, love, and random TV segments coming.:) I promised I would post about the Fun Lunch Ideas Segment I did last week on Fresh Living...and I will, but Here's a link to the segment if you just can't wait for the post!  Bob said that on a scale from 1-10 this one was a 8.5.  I say it was a 10 if it was judged on saying goofy things like "Knapsacks" on live TV... seriously.  But hey, if you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at...right?

See you soon!
Love, Toad

Mr. Style

{More than Mom}
What do you do when you 7 year old looks like he's heading to 7th grade?  

Take a picture...or 10! :)

I just couldn't help myself.  Can you blame me? :) 

Maybe its time for mom to take a style lesson or two...:)
A style challenged toad. :)

Spidey-Olympics Birthday

{August 7}
And then he turned 4.

Weight: 33 lbs
Height: 40"
Potty trained? Kindof.
Energy Level: Very High
Favorite Food: Ice Cream Cones
Past-time: or
Loves: Spiderman, Trains, letters, animals, & running wild.
Hates: Brushing his hair...says he "LIKES IT UP!"
Speech: Getting there! (Although still delayed, he's getting there...Yay!)

 (And yes, this post is a little behind schedule, but just had to be shared!)

{Spidey-Olympics Party}
Question: What do you get when you buy your 3 year old a Spiderman toothbrush because its on sale?  

Answer:  A Spiderman Birthday party when he turns 4!  (Note to self...!)

But with the Olympics going on we had to add a few "games" into the mix.
So here was the line-up:

Game #1:  Whiffle Ball Slip N Slide Bowling 

The competition was fierce and included boys, girls, men, and women from 4-84...literally.

Game #2 Volleyball Play Pool Toss

Each competitor lined up behind the hose and tried to throw the volleyball into the pool. 2 points if you got it in & 1 point if you hit it.

Game #3 Find the Foam Dot

Each dot was strategically place around the yard by Uncle Travie. Each contestant had their own color and had to find all of their dots.

And just like all Olympics, the Spidey Olympics enjoyed a beautiful awards ceremony.

Each athlete was awarded with a special mini-candy bar medal that was carefully handmade with yarn & presented by the one and only...Uncle Travie.

They all did outstanding.

And Grandma even had her phone play the National savor the moment.

3 Cheers for everyone!

And of course there was an after-event party that included some pretty amazing dance moves...

...a game of catch...


...a spiderweb cake made by the the birthday boy himself...

...and a yummy ice-cream bar!

{Until Next Year}
We love you Mr. Aidan!

And wish you the best 4th year ever!

Mom, Dad, & Ethan

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