The Skim Board: Must Try

{Oregon Coast Fun}
If you live near any super shallow water chances are you've already seen these fun water toys!  While we were in Pacific City for my moms birthday hike we spent some time on the beach enjoying the Skim Boards!  They function somewhat like a surfboard, but they are short, stubby, and you throw them across a line layer of water with fun results!  (Note: Not a great activity to do if you are really out of shape or have a bad back.;)

Case in point...

Even our Chinese teacher and fun friend couldn't keep her eyes off these fun boards!

{Other Activities}
Dunes of sand are also fun in Pacific City! You can run down or slide down on any sort of slick board. And we didn't miss a moment with my dad filming or taking pictures!

And what's that hanging from his camera strap?  Ah, yes!  A Camera Coats! So handy!:) 

If you live any distance from a niece or nephew you know that smiles don't always come quickly...

but don't worry...this Toad has mad Aunt skills. Look at this smile! Nyree is my brother Peter and his wife Mary's cute gal.  Sweet thing.

{Magic Tricks}
And birthday couldn't be a birthday without a good magic show via my wizard of a father. 

A crowd pleaser everytime.

{Pool Time}
And after Pacific City we headed back to Hillsboro (OR) to enjoy one last swim in my brother Travis' & his wife Tanya's pool before they moved.

And I think I may have found my new Camera Coats model.  Watch out.

And I'll end the post with this happy picture.

We are heading to Oregon in a few weeks so check back for my annual FUN SUMMER series!

Kids Camping Activities

In between all of the regular camping activities like swimming, hiking, & cooking smores... sometimes kids just need a little "downtime" while camping.  Well, as least my boys do!

{Camp Toad Style}
So here are some of my "Camping With Kids" Treasures! 
Simple and true "Toad Style"!

Directions for making & eating a campfire...HERE. :)

And whatever you do be sure to have some fun prize bags!

More fun summer ideas will be coming so don't hop too far!
The Outdoor Loving Toad!

Buy Local for Father's Day!

{Wasatch Front Farmer's Market}
Ah, the Farmer's Market.  There's nothing like walking down aisle of local friends proud of what they do and willing to share it! If you're from around these salty parts than you probably already know about the best market ever...The Wasatch Front Farmer's Market

Saturdays: Gardner Village
Sundays: Wheeler Farm
PLUS The Farmer's Market Store in Murray!  Open all year!  5823 S. State

If you missed my post about the WFFM then you can check it out HERE! Man I love that place! 

And I'm not much of a betting woman, but if I was I'd bet that you'd find a gift for good old pop right at your local farmer's market!  But if you're still on the farmer's fence about it be sure to check out this great post: "Top 10 reasons to buy Local". It may just inspire you! :)

{KSL + Me}
And if you are an early riser and happen to be watching KSL Ch 5 in Salt Lake City on Thursday morning you saw quite a display of awesome local "treasures".  Many of which made a cameraman or two want to pack up the cameras and head to the BBQ...

Link to Segment Here.

Stop here.  Now just wipe that bit of drool...ah, that's better. ;)

MMMMMmmmmmm.  Wouldn't you agree?  Be sure to "like" this post to show you support buying local! 

I {heart} supporting local. It may cost a little more, but that money stays right in your own community & helps your neighbor.  LOVE it.

--A local loving Toad ;)

Father's Day Gifts You May Not Have Thought Of!

{KSL Ch 5 Father's Day Fun}
Hats off to the KSL News morning staff.  Those guys are amazing & great at what they do.  Every time my alarm goes off at 4 AM so I can make it downtown for a 5:45 AM segment I wonder how they do it!  Lori Prichard is my main gal (and great reporter) and it seems like every time I sit down with her I ask her the same questions...  
#1 How does she get up SO early everyday?  She has to be to the newsroom around 4 AM or something crazy. 
Answer: She goes to bed at 7PM (if she can) and her husband puts the kids to bed.  
#2 When she was in college is this what she imagined?  
Answer: NO.  Then I say, "I don't know how you do it."  Crazy hours, doing TV hair and makeup everyday, trying to figure out what to wear.  Ah, I'm tired just thinking about it.:)
#3 What happens after I leave this morning? 
Her answer on this one varies, but I always like to hear about whats going down in the newsroom.  

So, for me...there's nothing like the thrill of early morning television especially if you don't call yourself an early morning person & we'll be at it bright and early talking about Father's Day Gift ideas!  

The Photog Dad's Dream...
Camera Coats: Ditch Your Bag!  

Get 20% off your order! 
Code: Dad20 Expires: June 17, 2013

Toads's Take: 
I had to kick off this Father's Day post with my favorite item...the Camera Coat!  Last summer while camping with my family I stuck a Camera Coat (the Alpine Nylon Black Vest) on my brother Peter's Canon.  (Sidenote: He runs his own media business -Vivid Frame Media, Portland OR) and is around A LOT of cameras.) I'd been telling him how great they are, but now I had to prove it.  After a day he said, "Toad, this Camera Coat really is great!"  Thanks Pete.:)

The company's info: 
Anyone with an SLR camera needs one of these...especially guys who don't like to carry around bulky bags.  How many times have your man left your camera at home because its too much trouble?  Camera Coats make taking your SLR with you a cinch.  Camera Coats are padded & protective whether your camera is around your neck hiking or in your backpack. $30-65.
Swiss Stays Collar: The Perfect Collar! 

Toad's Take: 
Here is the perfect gift for the business man.  One guy I know comes right to my, not the brother Travis.  The world has not met a more dapper dude.  I know exactly what I'll be sticking in the mail for him this Father's Day!  These are adjustable collar stays.  (Too bad they don't make these for ladies skirts!:))

The companies info:
The most stylish men in the country have one item in their closet they'll never let go of… their favorite dress shirt!  There’s only one way to make that shirt look the best it can – with a  Swiss Stays Collar Stay!  Swiss Stays are the world’s FIRST patented, adjustable collar stay. Designed to fit every sized shirt collar on the market. Shirt collars come in over twenty-four sizes, because Swiss Stays can be adjusted to fit any collar they ensure firm shirt collars for men to look their very best.  Swiss Stays are also much stronger than other collar stays, creating a solid base for the collar and resulting in perfect collar presentation. Available in PVC plastic, stainless steel and brass, the stays feature pivoting extensions so they can be lengthened or shortened as needed. 

Personalized Ties via Daddy Scrubs: 

Toad's Take:
#1, this is not my father. #2, if any single ladies are out there and like the model type this guy looks like he might make some cute babies! ;)

These ties come in a nice little box with a cute quote on the inside.  If you have a guy who like to show off his family via ties than you have a winner here!

The company's info:
Everyone knows the quintessential gift for dads young and old is a new tie! DaddyScrubs has improved the tradition – taking the personal touch to a whole new level! Each tie comes in a keepsake box, complete with the quote, “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy.” There are 3 different Daddy Tie designs, guaranteed to suit every dad out there. The Elegant Daddy Tie is classy, black and white and made of 100% printed silk. This tie is perfect for dad to wear to the office! Edgy Daddy with Hearts Tie is bright and edgy and made of 100% woven silk. Dad would be thrilled to receive this tie from his kids and to remember how proud he is to be their daddy! Word Search Daddy Tie is for the fun and playful daddy. This tie is made of 100% printed silk. With daddy definitions circled throughout the tie, dad will be reminded of all the great things that make up a daddy! $29.95

Wikki Stix Fixables- For Mr. Fix-It Dad: 

Toad's Take:
Duck Tape Dads.  These Fixables would be great to give to an "out in the shop" type of Dad for Father's Day.  In fact, my Father-In-Law who has every sort of gadget may actually NOT have some of these!  Yahoo!  

PS I'm taking these to church on Sunday for my boys sit and play with. I think will be on the same page as pipe cleaners, but they stick really well and will be F.U.N.   

The Company Info:
Move over duct tape! For the Dad who likes to work in the garage or fix things around the house, Wikki Stix Fixables® are a reusable, affordable solution to so many minor household issues! Fixables are great for organizing the workshop to keep nails, tacks, nuts, bolts, washers, and any small hardware in order and ready for use. Extension cords can be wound up and secured with Wikki Stix to keep them from getting tangled or unwound, too! Dad will love this inexpensive organizing solution!
$4.95 for 24!

The Klitch for the Sporty Dad:

Toad's Take:
Such a simple solution to an awkward problem.   Bob (the husband of the house) will be using one of ASAP.

The Company Info:
The Klitch is the hottest new thing on the fitness/sports scene! Great for Dads who play sports, work out, or have an active lifestyle. The Klitch is a footwear clip that allows you to secure any pair of extra sneakers to the outside of your gym bag or backpack.  This avoids getting the inside of your bag dirty, smelly, and full.  The Klitch can be used for any type of footwear up to 10 pounds. 

But don't go too far!!

My next post will be feature AWESOME Dad's day gift from our own Wasatach Farmer's Market Store! 

We will have many happy pappy's this Father's Day! :)

Emily aka "Toad"

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