Ethan & Aidan

Another of Tanya's picts...I especially love Ethan's bedhead hair sticking out on the side. I think we should let it grow out again. And Aidan actually has hair!:)

More picts

Aunt Tanya visiting from Oregon. We love her. Thanks for all of your help Tan...especially the trips to Whole Foods, Costco, making meals, cleaning my dirty house, holding Aidan so I could sleep & shower, taking the boys out to Kangaroo Zoo, going to the fair, & the list goes on....miss you!

Bob & our "little bug" in the backyard. I love how little Aidan looks when Bob holds him. Bob is a great dad & a great help...especially when he takes a "shift" at night to help me out! Its been a bit crazy around the Ashby home with Bob in school & working 2 jobs while we adjust to having a new born. He's been a great support during this postpartum period!!

Aunt Margie visiting before her marathon in Logan! Ethan loved running & playing with Marge & told her to win her race!

Thanks Tanya!

Tanya took this pict of Aidan while she was here. Love it Tan! Nice work.

Fun Visitors!

I have to admit that one of the great things about having a new baby is that family comes to visit. We were lucky enough to have my parents come from Oregon and help out for about 10 days & then Tanya (also visiting from Oregon)came and stayed with us last weekend. It was a great blessing to have them help clean, wash, cook, shop, watch Aidan so I could sneak some sleep, & play with/watch Ethan. Thanks go out to my family & the rest of you that have been kind enough to help out while I've been recovering!

Mom, Dad, & Ethan at the Chirstus on Temple Square.

Tanya, Trey, Ethan, Steph, Bob, Me, & Matt at a BBQ at our house last weekend.

Yes, another 1st day of school!

'Tis the season to post pictures of our little ones 1st day of school. It is sad for most to see there precious babies go off to school, but I have to admit this year school has been a great blessing in the Ashby home. This new babe is wearing me out & Ethan craves the social interaction that school brings. And since we still have another year of pre-school (Ethan's bday is in Oct. so he won't be eligable for Kindergarten until!)-I may just sign him up for a few more days!:)

I also have to say a few words about Ethan's attire. I had a little stain-less shirt ready for him to wear, but he refused. This t-shirt he is wearing is his absolute favorite...if you haven't seen/read it the writing says "I'm going to be a big brother" & there is a picture of little boy in a plane with Ethan's name & a little baby riding in the back. He wore it during my pregnancy, but once I had Aidan if it was clean it was on his little back. Today I actually bought a new shirt that says "Big Brother" that will hopefully replace this stained well-loved little shirt...well, at least to wear to school.;)

For Tanya

At Tanya's request here's a few more pictures of Aidan. (Just to hold you over until Saturday & you can take some pictures with your awesome camera!) Oh yeah, and a self-portrait taken by Ethan.:)

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