Berries on, 90 Gone

{Berries On}
We made it! After recruiting my mom to drive with me and the boys...we left last week on our annual Oregon Trek.  For those that may be new to my blog...this little venture is truly one of this Toad's  greatest treasures!  

I grew up running around my parents 5 acres and now I bring my babies back to do the same for a month...and we all love it!

 Needless to say, these upcoming posts/pictures are some of my faves for the year!

{90 gone}
As a kid in the NW, being cold in the summer just wasn't an option.  Little pools filled with ice cold hose water & and attempting to body surf on the Oregon Coast was just a way of life.  (I wonder if birth rates are down because of that:) Well, those days are long gone!  Going from 90+ degrees to low 70's is enough to make an old woman out of me.  It took 2 days and a hot shower to warm this body up!

Before we left we enjoyed great (warm) times at the local water park.  We got passes for Christmas & when I get a pass I have to get my moneys worth!  I guess this month in Oregon will be a good little break, but don't worry...we'll be back! :)

And today Tanya & I just sewed some of the cutest little dresses you could ever see.  If we can get these little nieces of mine to hold still I'll try to get a picture or two!

Love, Your Oregon Toad

PaperToad Code

{PaperToad Code}
3 more days.  Tuesday will be the last day you get $18 FREE to put towards anything at! (That's enough to get a FREE journal!!)

Just don't want you to miss out! Father's Day wouldn't have been the same without these sweet gems we made for Bob using Paper Coterie!  Finally I have something to do with all of these pictures I've been taking! (Well, beside blog with them when I have time!)

Code: PaperToad  {Paper Coterie + Toad's Treasures= PaperToad.:)}
Expires June 25, 2012. Not valid with any other offers or deals. Standard shipping rates apply. 

Thanks Paper Coterie!!

DeskTop Sentiment...

These heavy paper cards slip right on top so you can switch them out whenever you want!

And it stands alone so you can put it anywhere!

Next up, the NEW Daily Documenting Book!  I can't tell you how many times I've written down little experiences or quote from the boys on random pieces of paper never to be seen again.  This little spiral notebook should finally do the trick!

I think it would also make a GREAT gratitude journal...

{Dad's Book}
We have a sentimental guy at our house.  He may be a big football coaching, Thai food loving man, but his heart is as soft as they come.  (Just watch one episode of Home Makeover with him and you'll know what I mean.:)}

And we hope you're having a GREAT summer!  

We are heading to Oregon next week so get ready for those berry-filled, lake loving, coastal bliss picture coming soon! 

XOXO, One Summer-Lovin' Happy Toady

Tigers & Sword Fighting

{Little Tiger}
What am I going to do with this wild little guy?  (Well, besides love him to pieces!  I can't resist those little arms around my neck and kisses on my cheek... in spite of everything else!)

And big news...we've got the big boy Ninjago undies & he has conquered going #1. (Yippee!)

However, before you start cheering, we are still working out the fine details.   If you were at the starting line of the school Fun Run (there were hundreds of you) then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Yes, that was Aidan who ran across the parking lot and just whipped it out and peed on the grass.  (Fortunately with his bum towards the crowd!)  I tried to catch him, but this little man is fast.  By the time I got to him it was too late & I honestly didn't know what to say or do but apologize to everyone around us.  

 Fortunately most of the parents and the police office on the motorcycle ready to lead the Fun Run just laughed it off.  I'm sure one day...I'll laugh about it too...but for now I just have to keep him going in the right direction (no pun intended.:).


And this is my contribution to this week's photo collection as Simple As That.

And this is what happens when you try to take pictures of Camera Coats...

And then it was Aidan's turn to take a few of me.  (Oh boy.)  Don't worry, I'm only posting one of the non-blurry ones...:)

{Big Tiger}
And now onto the celebration of Father's Day.  
We love our Dad/Father/Husband. 
Our hard working, kindle loving, super swim guy. 

Love ya Bob!

{Mine again}
1st grade just about did me in this year.

I always thought that I'd love having my kids in school, but now I get all of you homeschoolers.  (Too bad he isn't quite as motivated or happy to do schoolwork with me!  Anyone else get my drift?)

I missed this kid & found myself a little envious of his teachers. 

Last day of school...Hurray!

We started off our summer break with fencing camp. Nope, we don't know a thing about fencing...except that Ethan likes to sword fight.  And now he likes it even more. 

Oh, and the word "lunge" has taken on a whole new meaning!

{Summer Days} 
And now we'll spend everyday watching the old Gillian's Island (highly recommended summer show) keeping these boys from wrestling and/or fighter each other to death, & going to Cowabunga Bay!  Well, at least until we head to our yearly Mecca to Oregon in a few weeks.  

3 cheers for summer & kudos to all of you great Dads out there! 
Love, Toad

Early Birds & Cool Dad's Day Stuff!

{Welcome KSL Early Birds!}
Well, good morning early risers!  If you've come to Toad's Treasures via KSL Ch 5 in Salt Lake this morning...Hello and Welcome!  If not, that's okay can still join the Dad's Day party! :)  Be sure to check out the discount code for Camera Coats and $18 of FREE merchandise at my favorite paper place...Paper Coterie!

Here's the lowdown:

{Segment #1 6:15 AM}

You can find the "How to" for this great little gem HERE. Simple & meaningful!  Just be sure to not to put "Mom" if its goes to a Father Figure! :)

2) Pencil/Pen Holders for the office...every dad  has a pencil holder, but not like this! :)

3) Canvas for the  workspace (See Paper Coterie

4) Paper Coterie DIY :  All About Dad Books, Desktop Displays & $18 off FREE merchandise!  Just follow Toad's Treasures and get your code!

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Thanks Paper Coterie!!

{Segment #2  6:45 AM} 

1) Camera Coats (

Ditch your bag!  Now you can protect your SLR camera without hauling another bag around all summer.  Attaches to your camera strap with a strong buckle & has 3 pockets for your smart phone or keys.  Comes in water proof, cotton, water resistant vest material, & more!  $32-44. Local company...created by a local mom, made, manufactured, & shipped in Orem!

Dads Day Deal via KSL!  Code: KSLTOAD  Expires June 15, 2012. Not valid with any other deal or offer.

Or if you need one for yourself...:)

2).  Airbac Air Tech Backpack (

The Airbac Air Tech is a new backpack invention that uses a patented, built-in air cushion technology to protect a laptop and other tech gear, as well as alleviating back stress and making wearers feel as if they are carrying half the weight or less. Simply pump the air pocket to the desired level, taking only seconds, and the Airbac shields your tech valuables with a cushion of air.  $79.99,

3).  LOGO Sports Phone (

thinnest, lightest phone in existence.  Durable and water resistant.  Great for jogging, hiking and any other outdoors activity where bringing an expensive, bulkier smart phone isn’t advisable or convenient.  $49.99

4).  Sachi Fashion Lunch Messenger Bags (

Sachi Insulated Lunch Messenger Bags are insulated, fashionable lunch messenger bags suitable for any school or work setting. Stylish and roomy enough to double as a messenger bag, while effectively keeping food hot or cold as desired. Easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. Handles fold down for easy fit in the refrigerator. Zips closed and handles fold down to the sides so that you may lay it flat, allowing for easy refrigerator storage. Comes in a variety of styles and colors. Retails for $23.99.

5).  Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow (

The Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow allows users to enjoy their favorite music or sounds in optimal relaxation and comfort. In addition to being an excellent everday pillow, it incorporates two high fidelity, ultra-thin stereo speakers positioned deep within the 20" x 25" pillow, allowing users to surround their head with sound for enhanced therapy or privacy. Just plug in any 3.5 mm plug compatible iPod/MP3 player, CD player, television, radio or Sound Oasis sound therapy system and enjoy. Conveniently machine or hand washed by easily removing the speakers. Retails for $49.99, it can be purchased online at, via phone at 1-866-625-3218 or at retailers throughout North America.

And there you have it.

Good luck gift hunting for Father's Day!  Love you Dads!

Lego Me: I {Heart} Faces

{All Boy}
My younger brother Peter was a lego lover. I remember how he'd spend hours and hours creating little gems and then recreating them over and over again.  

After I went away to college I never thought much about legos...well, that is until I had a little lego-lover of my own.  My eyes have been opened.  And believe me, finding a cute lego-lady to be when we play isn't easy around these parts.  So when we went to Legoland last month I was on a mission to find a cute lego-woman.  (No more of this disco 80's or brutal Roman women for me!)  You see, the employees at Legoland have little lego people on their nametags.  If you like the one they have, they'll swap you for it.  Isn't that great?

So during my mission to find a mini-me for myself we actually found a mini-me for Ethan.  Okay, he found it, but I love it.  Every button on that shirt is button up to the top...just like Ethan wears his shirts to school. 
(I tried to tell him that most people don't button the top button on a polo shirt, but his own fashion sense won out. Oh, to be a 1st grade teacher as these little people figure themselves out...:)

So there you have it.  
Can't get more of boy or a lego-boy then that! :)

Oh, and PS...Pete is still creating.  Some of you may remember that catchy little video he made from video he took at Aidan's 2nd birthday party.  He is an AMAZING photographer/video maker/commercial designer/multi-media genius.  He just launched his website & facebook page and its pretty darn sweet. If you need any marketing help...he is definitely the answer.  And I bet if you ask really nicely he'll even make you a little something out of legos! :)

Love, The Lego-Lovin' Toady

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