Rumor is true

{Heard a Rumor}
So I heard a rumor that if you just add a can of pumpkin to a spice cake mix {just the eggs, oil, etc.} it makes some good pumpkin bread cookies/muffins. So being a pumpkin cake/cookie/muffin lover,  I had to try it for myself...

 And the rumor was true.  These were pretty darn yummy. Thanks Shelli!

 {Although, I still LOVE my pumpkin bread recipe from scratch!}

{Barefoot Pirate}
If you could chose between being Buzz Lightyear or a rowdy pirate what would you be?

Aidan chose Buzz for the church and school parties, but then opted to be a fierce pirate for Halloween festivites...

And like most pirates he had some good 'ole belly laughs...

shed a few manly tears,

and shed a few more manly tears when he was really mad at his mama. 

But overall our little pirate was a good little 'matey.  One his grandpa would be proud of.

 And I felt completely safe all Halloween knowing we had the best Jedi ever on our side.

This Jedi is not only tough, but full of love. 

{He gave this to me the other day...we are saying that we love eachother.  Man I love this kid!}

Our resident Jedi also helped set the table without being asked!
{Bless his Sunday School teacher for teaching the kids about how Jesus served and how great it is to just help without being asked!} 

And I'm not complaining one bit about the napkin...

So from our little galaxy to yours...the pumpkin spice bread recipe rumor is true...and we hope you had a Happy Halloween!

White Treat

{Giddy or Grouchy?}
Book your flights skiiers. Hang your head snow-haters. The white stuff is here!

An October snow is pretty typical in Utah.  You know...the snowing, melting, cold, snow, melt, etc...before winter officially comes. 

Eating the snow is also pretty typical--even if it has a "leafy" flavor...

{Check it out!}
Do you remember the 1st time you saw or played in the snow?

Did it bring a smile to your face?

And catch your attention like nothing you've ever seen before?

{So Fun}

{Off to School}
For our "Jedi Master", walking to the bus stop was super fun.  Especially after have a snowball fight with his mom {who rivals Buddy the Elf in her skills} and a poor little brother who didn't see it coming.  And really, who doesn't love a cup of nice warm hot chocolate before school?

Is there anything like a fresh snow snack for a 6 year old?

Nope. Cousin Trey, we wish you were here.

Whether you love it or hate it, I hope you're keeping warm and cozy where ever you are!

PS I've been thinking...I know a place that would be great for family photos.  I know how hard and expensive it can be to get holiday pictures so I was thinking about offering to take some pictures for people in the area for a minimal fee.  Any thoughts?

Shabby Tough Guy Owl Beanie

Baby, its cold outside! I don't know about your neck of the woods, but its getting chilly around here! I had forgotten that I was going to post the pattern for this great beanie---that is, until I about froze when I went outside today!

How's this for the latest in owl gear?!

{The Skinny}
You may remember this "Shabby Sweet Eye" beanie from a few weeks ago...

Well, making this "tough guy" is pretty much the same thing. So I hope you forgive me for not re-making the entire tutorial.  You'll just follow the same directions, but use a different pattern for the eyes and beak.

{Pattern & Tutorial}

What you'll need:
  • 1/4-1/3 yd of a stretchy knit, fleece or other soft fabric for the main part of the beanie
  • Scraps of material to make the face, eyes, and beak {For the white outside part of the eye I used fusible fleece...I had some scraps on hand...just one less thing to sew!}
  • thread and  a sewing machine--or get some fusible backing and iron it all together!
This pattern will fit a head approx 20-22 inches.  It will vary depending on how stretchy your material is.  I used a stretchy rayon, spandex, cotton mix for the main part of the hat.  Fleece would be fun too!

Remember, this is just a can use it as a guideline and then get creative! 

Click here to download the pattern for the Shabby Tough Guy Beanie. 

Then follow the tutorial below replacing the face features shown with the "Tough Guy" pattern pieces.  The only real change is that I used fleece for the beak and just sewed a stitch across the top {check out the 1st picture to see what I'm talking about}.

If you want to give it a "scare crow" look just clip about a 1/2" across the bottom. I also grabbed some twine to pull the ears together, but that is totally optional!  Now,  just try that cute thing on, trim the edges around the bottom if you need to, and get ready for alot of compliments!:)

Want one? Okay.

Leave me a comment and let me know who would make the cutest owl...your son? nephew? grandbaby? Let's hear it!:)

Happy Fall!
XOXO-Toad  {}

PS  A Commericial Use License is available for this pattern and tutorial. For $12 you can make and sell these sweet beanies!

And just for fun I'm joing these linky parties!:)

handmade projects

Peggy Was Here

Fall is such a fun time of year,

especially when Grandma Peggy comes to town! 

{Everyone want a piece of the action...cousin sean, diane, and even hootie!}

We always head to fun places! Park City is the fall is amazing.  And so are the Alpine Slides and roller coasters!

If you're not from around here, let me explain.

You see, you stand in line to ride the ski lift up the mountain:

And then you have the time of your life coming back down!

And even Stooph was in town to play with us!
{Fall Fun}
Do you think if we play hard enough we can get rid of a bunch of energy before winter? 

No? Darn it.

Oh well.
We've been having a fun time trying!

{XOXO Gram}
How cute are my grandma and aunt?

And how how silly are my boys?  Seriously.  I guess that's what I get for taking so many pictures all of the time. They see the camera and go crazy.

We had a great time Gram! Love and miss!

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