Love those cupcakes!

I think this picture is pretty self explanitory.

Ethan is my "big helper" in the kitchen. I can't make a meal without him asking/demanding to help!:)

Today's Special Moment

Today I had one of those moments that makes being a mom so great. I was leading the music for the jr. primary (kids ages 3-7) and we were practicing the songs we'll sing on Mother's Day. We were singing "Mother dear I love you so..." and I looked down and in the 2nd row was Ethan. He was belting out the words and pointing to me with his little finger. It was so cute. I smiled and winked at him and he tried to wink back (which is more like a blink). Maybe its just because I'm pregnant and emotional, but he melted my heart.

A few thoughts on the last year...

Tonight is the end of my 33rd birthday. It seems like the past few years have kind of melted together so I thought it would be good to try and remember this last year with a little more detail. As I reflected a few things came to mind of things I've learned, loved, and cherished.

#1 Never underestimate the power of prayer. I know my sister Stephanie is with us today because of the many prayers offered in her behalf. I always thought that if I was ever in a crisis situation I'd naturally be upset with God for allowing it to happen. However, I got a glimpse of how the Lord truly lifts burdens and can replace feelings of pain with peace if we allow him to.

#2 I wish I could freeze time. Ethan is now 3 1/2 and its so much fun. I never really knew how much I could love a little guy. My goal each day is to cherish every moment I have with him. (Somedays are better than others.:) I love our conversations. Often they involved Trey and going to the airport, random questions (like what do bugs eat?), and Ethan's imaginary friends. I asked him to stop growing and he explained with tears in his eyes that he was sorry but he couldn't.

#3 My little family comes first. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to visit Oregon and see my family. However, this last year I really started to understand that the only people that I can truly count on are Bob and Ethan. Realizing this has allowed me to get rid of any expectations that I may have had on others, and has made me appreciate Bob and Ethan more than I ever have.

May my 33rd year be filled with more great experiences!

Yahoo for another Buckaroo!

Yes, it's a boy! The blog poll turned out to be accurate: Boy=25 Girl=21...well, if you don't count those of you who voted more than once.:) Ethan is definitely happy to have "frother" coming to join our family, although we'll see how he feels about it the end of August! Bob was happy of course...probably to have another little potential football player running around this place.

After I found out that he looked healthy I could actually think about what it meant to be having another boy. Honestly, a bit of relief took over. Its true, girls make me nervous. (Not the baby aspect of girls, but once they start growing!) Too much time in Young Women's I suppose. I'm also looking forward to buying something nice for myself since we won't have to fork out all of the money on girl stuff now. (Please, don't tell Bob.)

I'm 20 weeks and counting!!

Happy 5th Anniversary!!

Today it's been 5 years since Bob & I got married! It was fun for Bob & I to look at these pictures and talk about how our marriage has evolved. We are the first to admit it hasn't always been a smooth road, but its been a good one. Marriage truly is what 2 people want to make it. Love you honey!

I've been tagged...

So, since its my 33rd birthday this month I thought I'd reflect a little and actually do one of these "tags".

Ten years ago...
I came home from my mission to New Jersey!! As I recall the transition was a little less than smooth.:) Then after some "boy" drama in Oregon went back to finish at BYU & teach at the MTC.

Snacks I enjoy...
Anything I can keep down at this point. But when I'm not prego I like almost anything chocolate, "movie" popcorn, strawberries, and my ultimate snack is a bunch of Oregon grown blueberries right off the vine.

Five things on my list...
Clean, Dishes, Laundry, Sleep, Watch my TVO'd "Jon & Kate plus 8". Okay, so my list is never accomplished.:)

If I were a billionaire...
I would start a humanitarian aid project of some sort, live in a beachhouse on a warm beach that won't have any tsunami's, & travel a lot.

Three bad habits:
Not calling people back (Sorry everyone!:)
Procrastinating things
Giving Bob a hard time

Places I've lived...
Seattle (Vashon Island)
New Jersey & New York
Places I've Been...(Not necessarily that I can spell:)
West: Utah,Oregon,Washington,Idaho,Montana,California,Nevada,New Mexico,Colorado, Wyoming
South:Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana
East Coast: Jersey, NY, Boston, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Washington DC, W. Virginia, S. Carolina, Florida
Canada (BC & Alberta)
Mexico (Tijuana, Puerta V, Cancun)
Middle East: Israel, Egypt, Jordan, border of Syria
Europe: England, France, Italy

Things people don't know about me...

I don't really want to answer this because if people don't know them there is probably a reason why!:) I would say that most people (unless they were with me) don't know that I've swam in the Dead Sea. (And it was very salty!)

I tag Tanya since she may be the one only who consistently reads/comments on my blog.:)

Super Ethan!

Ethan loves this cape and mask his Aunt Tanya made him for Christmas. Ethan would like to dedicate this video to "His Best Friend Trey". Trey is Ethan's cousin who "knows everything" according to Ethan. Can't wait to go to Disneyland with you Trey!

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