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{Happy Athletes}
You don't have to be a high profile athlete to enjoy some great products this summer! I've gathered a few great items that will make being active easy, fun, and actually yummy!  

I'll be talking about these great activewear and gear ideas on KSL Ch 5 in SLC today and will share the link as well! Let's go get 'em! 

I give this little belt 2 thumbs up! When go out jogging or hiking I hate having to try and figure out what to do with my phone & keys...this FlipBelt makes it easy!

  • Singular, tubular waistband that allows runners to carry their phone, keys, money, inhaler and more comfortably while running or working out
  • Can comfortably fit the iPhone 6 Plus
  • Slip it on, flip it over, and you're ready to go! Comes in various colors and sizes.

Retails for 28.99 and can be purchased online at

Finally I can wear a high ponytail and a hat at the same time! 

  • With its wide back and high arch, hair can be worn in a high ponytail, with or without a hair band.  
  • The recently released sleek Athletic Hytail is made with breathable moisture wicking material enabling you to keep cool and looking good at the same time.
Original line retails for 19.99 and new athletic line retails for 24.99 and can be purchased online at

{Belly Sport Bra by Bao Bei Maternity}

Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you have to be uncomfortable while you workout! 

  • The Belly Sport Bra supports the Abs and takes pressure off the lower back
  • Great for woman who wish to stay active during their pregnancy and we are even seeing a lot more pregnant women running marathons
  • Created by a Pilates instructor and women's health expert the belly bra is redefining maternity supportwear

Retails for 48.00 and can be purchased online at 

{RX Bar

Wait what? It doesn't taste like cardboard and its actually good for you? I've tried each kind and the coconut and peanut butter are my favorite! My brother Travis and his wife Tanya love that they are Whole 30 approved

·  They refer to their bars as the "real food protein bars" and are Made from 8 ingredients or less, 
·  RXBARs provide a high quality, natural source of glucose by using dates and figs--as opposed to cheap artificial sweeteners 
·  fewer runners report cramping from eating RXBARs because they are easier and more natural for the stomach to process. Ingredients include egg whites, almonds, fruit, and other natural flavors 

·  runners who favor a clean, "whole" diet prefer RXBARs because they match the food their eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner
·  the natural ingredients in RXBARs don't leave runners with the dry mouth feel that is caused by some artificial sources of glucose like gels

Box of 12 retails for 25.99 and can be purchased online at

Now let's go get active! 

ALT Summer Conference 2015

{Altitude Summit}
Looking forward to attending this social media/blogger/business conference next week! I'm especially excited because I'll be speaking at it as well! Are you coming? Come find me! 

I'll be dishing about Google Anayltics along with the amazing Lindsay Peterson. Yahoo! 

If you can't make worries. I'll be sharing everything here! You can also follow me on Instagram (@emilyjanashby) or on FB (   

Can't wait to share all that I learn.  

+Emily Ashby 

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