Little Ezra

Welcome to the family Ezra! My brother Matt and his wife Kathryn had their 1st little baby on Saturday April 25! His name is Ezra Matthew and he weighed 6lbs 9 ozs. We are so happy for them!!

Aidan can't wait to play with you buddy!

Who makes it?

Ever wonder who makes those TV commercials?
Well, meet my younger brother Peter...

He is one of those "commericial makers" and is a wiz with the camera. He and his co-worker Luke have a commercial that's been picked as one of the TOP 5 in the Oregon "Drive Less Video Challenge" Film Festival!!

But now they need YOUR vote to win! Just click here to watch and vote!

(To vote, you just scroll down and you'll see his name...Peter on that video. Its the second one from the left called "Carpooling Through the Ages".)

Thanks! And good luck Pete!! Love ya!


Life as I know it is now OVER...

So much for sewing,
waiting as long as possible to clean the kitchen floor,
and being able to go up and down the stairs without a "baby fence".

Watch out Ethan, here comes the brother!

More OR picts...

"Toad!!" "Toad!" When I hear her yell my name (and this gal can yell!) I can't help but smile & wonder what this little Lu will have to tell me...

ARRRR ye scurvy pirates! Look at that treasures ye found in the barn!

Yesterday Ethan walked all around the yard, in the shed, barn, and anywhere else he thought he could find a treasure...with Lucy close behind.
The bond of boys and fire...
Uncle Peter is always so much fun!
Look out cows...the next generation of Smith cousins in here. (Hey Johnson & Anderson cousins...bring back any memories?)

It was in the 70's today and Great Grandma Smith (missing the California sun) enjoyed sitting outside. She was outside all day & said it was the warmest she's been since she moved here. We all loved sitting and chatting in the backyard. Aidan even flashed a smile despite another tooth coming in...

Love it.

Sew&Sell: Commericial Use Permission

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I'm mean really. Who couldn't use a little extra spending money?!

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Please email me: if you have any questions!

Thanks for being honest in your crafting taking this step and purchacing permission. It allows to me to "fund" more fun free tutorials and products! I greatly appreciate it!

Toad's Treasures
+Emily Ashby

Once a year

Growing up in the 80's never felt so good.
Cheers to another year & not being pregnant or pumping!
Out of This World this place! (And so do the kids!)

3 little monkeys...

Enjoying our trip...

Yes! We made it through security (after having Aidan's milk tested...hmmm), & the boys were GREAT. I think they were meant to travel.:) We are having a super time and looking forward to WARM (like in the 70's!) weather this weekend!

Happy Easter to all!

Happy Easter!

At the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt (thanks April & Lisa!)

Dying Easter Eggs...

Easter picts at the Ashbys...with only one meltdown!

I love this one...Ethan was rebelling against the sun in this eyes.

"He is not here, for he has risen!" These are the words on the door of the Garden Tomb pictured below. We are so grateful that He lives.

Pita Recipe

One of my roommates while I lived in Jerusalem just emailed this great Pita recipe she got while we were there! Its hard to find really GOOD storebought Pitas around here, so this sounds super great. Can't wait to give it a go!

Here you go! YUM!

Pita Bread
4 c. flour
1- 1 ½ c. warm water
1 tsp salt
1 tsp yeast
2 Tbsp olive oil

Mix flour salt and yeast. Add water and knead. Add oil and kneadagain. Put in a greased bowl , cover and allow to double in size.Knead again, let rise until doubled again. Cut into balls and coverwith a cloth for another half hour. Roll balls flat and let riseagain. Preheat oven to 550 degrees. Bake for 5-8 minutes.

Vote for my Blog!

Okay, I know I've been asking you to vote for alot of stuff, but hey--what else do you have to do??;)

This time your vote will be for my Blog! Its a contest on ...they actually send me emails and I find alot of fun stuff to do as well as coupons on it.

Its super easy to vote...just click on the number of stars & if you have a second write something cool. (Winners are picked by votes and reviews.)

I'm not sure what I would win (if anything), but bragging rights are good enough for me!:)


Fun little roadtrip: Part 1

We just got back from a fun little road to Southern Utah. The boys did great in the car, we made great time, and we didn't even have to stop once!! Here's a few highlights of the pictures that I took...but Marge just got a sweet camera and took some great picts too--so there may be more to come!

Of course, lunch on Saturday at Chuck a Grammies with the Katzenbachs. Ever since I was at BYU (like 16 years ago) if we were ever with G&G Johnson around conference they always treated everyone to Chucks. All of the Johnson cousins know what I'm talking about...Jana, Marin, Renae & Channing, etc....:) Chucks is as nostalgic to me as a DillyBar.

I have to say the salad bar has definitely improved over the years and the scones and honeybutter will always be my favorite!!:)
Here's the scene as we watched Conference...
The "Mardens". Here is Aidan Marden and his middle namesake--Grandpa Robert Marden Johnson. He is one of the most inspiring people I know. One day I'll do a post just about him.
And the Marge. We had a really fun time with her. Ethan especially loved playing with her, going to the park, sleeping with her, eating her smoothies, and just loving her. This is a pict right before Marge took the boys for a hike up "the hill" and I got to go shopping at the outlets!:)

Pizza Pirate Island!! This is seriously the coolest new place in SG ever!! Its a themed pizza place, but not ratty...its more like a cross between the Pirates of the Caribean ride at Disneyland and the Mayan restaurant (only way more cool). Marge "hooked" us up with this place!!
Even Bob and Aidan liked it...
The staff was dressed as pirates, & the pizza was yummy. They brought out potato chips for an appetizer (like chips and salsa at a Mexican food place), a hat, and a few tokens (pirates booty) for Ethan. So fun. Marge's friend Colleen came too...

The best part (beside the cool kids play area where you could earn tickets and get fun pirate gear) was the Cheesecake Factory desserts! Yes, its true. And yes, it was YUMMY.

Stay tuned for more to come!! Well, if Marge sends the other pictures...:)

Almost Easter

Little girls in Easter dresses really are cute. With their hair curled and placed carefully in bows, spinning around so their little skirt fly up...its so great.

Having boys I will probably never go dress shopping, but that's okay. Tanya's tie tutorial made up for it...and I can't wait.

Great deals on swimming suits!

Getting ready for swimming suit season just got more fun...well, we all know that it is NOT fun so anything will help, right?

I found these great deals on in their overstock section. If you need a new suit you should check them out. They are hit and miss in sizes, but the prices are GREAT.

I just can't get enough!

Yesterday I got together with a dear friend named Siri. We were talking and she said, "I know all mothers love their kids, but I can't imagine anyone loving their kids more than I love mine." I thought it was so sweet and true...doesn't every mother feel that way?

I never imagined in a million years that I could ever love little people like I love Ethan and Aidan. Every night I thank my Heavenly Father for being so blessed to have them in my life. I really just can't get enough of them!

Don't feel like you have to read all of this cheesy "mom" stuff...I just wanted to blog about a few little things so that I never forget them. I know one day when the boys are grown I will miss these "moments" dearly.

Aidan is nearly 8 months now and is a funny little guy. He's at this great phase where he can sit and amuse himself with toys (or Ethan), but he hasn't started crawling so I still have a life.:)

I love to put this basket full of toys by him and watch him go through each one, examine it closely paying special attention to the "tags", and then putting them aside to get the next thing he thinks is interesting and wants to shove in his mouth.
I also love how he waits for us to look at him and he'll flash this super smile and "say" something to us. I'm sure if he could talk he'd give us a piece of his little mind.:)

Towards the end of the day (usually right before bathtime) I love to give Aidan a biter biscut or some frozed blueberries in a little "net" thing and let him go for it. He loves it.

I can't get enough of this kid. I have to kiss him every chance I get.

Its amazing how 2 little guys can love eachother so much. Except for the day when Ethan was "play fighting" and kicked Aidan right in the head...they enjoy eachothers company. Well, Aidan is a tough little man--Bob loves that about him--and Ethan may have to watch his back one day.:)

Speaking of Ethan...This kid is so great. Every morning I love when he crawls into bed with me so we can cuddle before the day starts. He'll tell me about the "dreams" he has or whatever is on his mind.

The other day he pulled out this bike pump and told me that I didn't have to "pump" anymore because he's taking care of it.:)

Last week he wanted a friend to come over but it "wasn't a good day". So he asked me if it "wasn't a good day" because it was rainy outside. The next day was suppose to be sunny so he told me "tomorrow will be a good day!"

He STILL loves trains...his latest love is Geotrax.

Here he is at our garage sale selling brownies. He saves every penny he gets in his Nemo piggybank. Right now he is trying to save to buy more Geotrax trains since the helicoptor at Costco "costs too much".

Ethan has a great imagination...Can you guess what is pictured below?

This would be Ethan's puppy (the ball) on a leash (the yellow rope and back bag handle from a duffel bag) eating out of his dog bowl. Yes, the dog poops (Ethan loves that he can say it without getting in trouble) and no, he can't figure out how to get the rope off of Aidan's Jumperoo.

If we could just freeze time...but have babies be potty trained.:)

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