2011 Flashbacks & The Marge

{LA Flashback}
Remember that little trip we took last fall to the Fashion District in LA?  Well, you might like to see what came of it!

These Camera Coats just came out this week...and just in time for Valentine's Day.  Yes, I think I'm in love...

The soft sateen fabric ($2/yd) and the flowers ($6/yard) were all picked up on the streets of LA.  As you may recall, I ran around like a mad-woman...wide eyed, sweating from excitement and from jogging from store to store, and a nice big backpack on my back that will filled to the brim with treasures.  

Love this cotton laminte.  Water proof and everything. I didn't love the price I paid (Mr. Micheal Levine $23/yd), but I had get it...

{2011 Flashbacks Continue}
And now here's a little fun from 2011.  I think I may have to do a series...2011 was fun picture taken' time for this Toad.

My little free pattern that still seems to be a hit these days:

loved making these 2 chevron owls...

Sweet Chick.  My little epattern is just as easy at the owl one. Can you believe its almost time for Easter again?!

Oh, and I'm just throwing this in...a Toad via Ethan.

I'm not sure if this is me or not, I was afraid to ask...;)

And here's a little shout out to one of my little sisters!  Happy Birthday Margie-cakes! May this year bring you lots of fun, food, and family. :)

More 2011 to come...;)

Love, Toad

Ninja New Year

{Just for Kicks}
As you may (or may not) know the Chiense New Year is fast approaching...in fact it's Jan 23 in China.

If you didn't know, please don't feel bad.  If I didn't have ninja kicking, karate loving, mandarin speaking 7 year I wouldn't writing this post right now.;)  And when he got these for Ninja Cookie Cutters for Christmas (they are on sale for $5.49 right now!) we could hardly wait to make some little kickin cookies!

So, here you go.  Our 1st adventure with these little guys.  If you need a good sugar cookie recipe you can see the one I use here. I love it.

There's nothing like a shirtless toddler. 

Happy Chiense New Year...in 3 days!:)

Love, Toad

Happy Dogs

{Because I'm a Joker}
Via my facebook page:

"Yesterday as I was coming out of a store I walked by a large suburban with tinted windows... out of the corner of my eye saw a curly haired brunette. I could tell she was looking at me so I naturally smiled...and when I looked directly at her I had to giggle. It was not a woman, but a huge dark poodle sitting the drivers seat I was smiling at. There's nothing like brightening a dog's day...hahaha."

I swear I do something like this almost everyday.  The other day I as we went throught the drive through I said "thank-you sir" to the person helping us.  When I looked up I wasn't sure if he was a "sir" so I quickly added, "oh, and mam, and all of you hard workers in there."  Afterwards Ethan and I had a great discussion about my folly and hoped I hadn't hurt anyone's feelings. Oh, and tried to figure out if the kind worker was a woman or a man. 

Darn it.  I guess if you can't laugh at yourself you can you laugh at? ;)

{Heart Cookies on a Stick}
And if you feel so inclined one winter afternoon like today...

{For Grandma}
Taken Via my friend Jenn who has an awesome hat businessLast month's on-site shoot: Ethan was the star of the show.

And here's one of Jenn's sweet hats on my little niece Charolette...

Yes, nothing but randomness. It must be late. Good night.

"Day Maker"

{Little Things}
Sometimes when you feel a bit overwhelmed its the small moments that can really make your day.  This was my "day maker" today.

Aidan brought this home from pre-school.  {Since asking Aidan about school is a bit less effective (he's behind in his speech development) he gets these little papers sent home with him so I have some idea what in the world happens there.} 

The question was if he went to the bathroom--usually the answer is no.  However, today this was what the teacher wrote:

He didn't do it, but he tried. And for this sweet, stubborn, little guy this is a big deal.

Ah, the little things that make this mom happy. 

I hope you had a little "day maker" today too...
Love, Toad

Boy's Train Fabric: Hurray!

{Choo Choo}
If you know a train lover then you may also know how hard it is to find cute boy fabric with trains that don't have eyes or talk.  

I know a certain 3 year old guy who will be smiling ear to ear very soon...

You likie?

This "Scoot" line coming in the next week or so from Riley Blake.  Want some? Maybe I'll get a bolt or two and throw it in my Etsy shop...

Just had to share. Love, Toad

THANKS Printables for the Kiddos

{Download Me}
After all of the festivities have come and gone we are left with a pineless smell in the front room, no jingling of the bells, and many people to thank.

So get the kids on it!:)

Here's my 2012 "Thanks" printable, just click on it to download:


of if you'd rather...(just be sure to cut off the 2010!;))

Or if your out of the "jolly" market and into "love" than here's few from past years you might like to get a head start on. You know me well enough by now to know that my 2012 editions will come only days/hours before the big day.

And if you feel like sharing the printables or anything else...go for it.

Love, Toad

HNY and all that!

Sitting sick on a couch last week was not much fun.  We are in the middle of moving and I was just overwhelmed, exhausted, feeling crappy, and done with just about everything.  Since our flatscreen was broken in the move, I was lucky that we still had the TV that Travis and Tanya had given us at least 6 years ago.  Its not digital so I was happy have a DVD player that wasn't buried in boxes...but where in the world were the DVD's? 

You know its bad when I was thrilled to find Lord of the Rings in the bottom of a tote. 

And as it turns out, I was actully very grateful.  It seemed to fit the changes and timing going on around our little family right now. 

I won't go into details about the story, you'll have to pull out your own movie night for that, but I could really relate to sweet Froto.  He was completely overwhelmed, wishing he had not been given the ring and all of its responsibility, and hated all the destruction and doom going on around him.

'I wish it need not have happened in my time,' said Frodo.

'So do I,' said Gandalf, 'and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.'

Ah yes, wise and thought provoking words to start off the new year.

{I know this isn't Gandolf, but I'm sure Yoda has some good quotes we could cherish too. Oh, and he was the final prize in our Star Wars advent calendar.:)}

{Holiday Fun}

Aidan was one lucky little guy this year! Some of you may remember my sister-in-law Tanya talking on her blog about how she made this cute little car tote.  I was giddy when Aidan got one of these sweet gems she had made!

There's nothing but "comfort and joy" going on in these next pictures.  Watch the faces on these little guys...you may just have to laugh out loud.

Yeah, we tried.  The last picture is the best one...

Yes...my personal favorite...

Coming straight from a funeral into the holidays is never easy.  Especially when its your dear sister you've lost.

Here's my mom with her younger sister Lori.  Both were mourning for the loss of my Aunt Carol this Christmas.  She passed away suddenly and unexpectedly leaving 6 kids and ALOT of grandkids who will miss her more than words can say.

It really made me think about and appreciate my family this year...

especially my two younger sisters--Margo {Margie} and Stephanie {Stooph}.


I also cherished every mintute with my 95 year old Grandpa Johnson and my sweet Grandpa Peggy.  We were so blessed to be with them both this year!

Oh, and my parents too...

yes, dad that is a nose.:)

Who did you cherish these past few weeks?

{Back into it}
And before we knew it we went back into the swing of "regular" life.  Ethan entered a photo competition through the PTA Reflections.  (You probably have kids that did too!)  The theme was diversity...can you guess which photo he took?

I did not help him one bit, except for giving him stern warnings about being careful with my camera.;)

And if you have made it this far in the post, bless you. :)  Here's my latest creation...

And some of you will be happy to know that I will be sewing to get through the winter!  So there will be more fun tutorials coming very soon!:)

Happy 2012! 

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