Mountains For Mexico + Ethan's Thanksgiving Humanitarian Trip

 Looking for a great Holiday Gift idea that will "Pay It Forward?" 
With the help of his Grandpa Smith, Ethan made these "Mountains For Mexico" out of  repurposed wood from Oregon!  He cut, sanded, and painted the mountains to help raise funds for his humanitarian trip to Mexico over Thanksgiving break. The set is $10 for a set of 3.

Ethan is trying to pay for the entire trip himself so any help is much appreciated.  (If you'd like to donate directly to Ethan's Paypal account you can sent $ to him at 

These are photos from last year's trip sent by our team leader:

Click on the photo and you can get your set directly from Ethan's Etsy shop

You can get them with or without snow...

How cute are these kids! We'll be visiting a variety of places including orphanages, schools, and senior care centers.  

 This year they asked specifically for tarps to help create shelter for some people.

Follow our adventures in Mexico on my Instagram Feed.  We look forward to meeting these amazing people!

Thanks for your support! :)

+Emily Ashby

Can You Love Your Boys Too Much?

{A Mom's Love}
Is it possible to love your boys too much? I just came across these photos and my heart is about to burst. These boys are the best thing I've ever been a part of in my entire life. I had no idea that a mom could love her little ones so much. 

I can't help myself. 

Above: Aidan's last minute science project.  Below: Aidan decided to try musical theater this year. Ah. Love that kid.

All of the 1st graders were asked to give a report on an animal. Aidan wanted to give a power point presentation. (That may or may not have been a result of him coming to see me teach at the LDS Business College.)

Ethan. His gingerbread train. Love this kid.

At the Thanksgiving Lunch with Grandma Peggy.

I love these two. 

XO - Mom

Happy New Year to You!

Wishing you the best year ever!
Love, The Ashby's!

Looking forward to a great year of blogging! Stay tuned! :)

+Emily Ashby

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