Little Things...Like Turkey

{Gobble, gobble}
How was your Thanksgiving?  Yummy? Warm? Cozy?  Happy? Hope so.

It was fun to read all of your favorite dishes for Thanksgiving on the last post!  This year I had to go along with all of you turkey lovers...that little yummy bird made my day.  

Dinotoria comment #13?  Michelle Caudle comment #18? Are you out there?  You both won this great Car Seat Blanket Pattern! Email me and I'll send your new favorite baby accessory.  

As for the rest of sale will last until you can still get yours for $5!  You will not be sorry...even beginners can do this one. Really. And it makes the best baby gift ever.

{Littles}Having gratitude can make such a difference our daily lives.  It shifts our perspective from what I "don't have" to being so thankful for what we "do have".  This weekend I tried to focus on a few a "little things" that helped me remember how blessed I am. 

Here's a few I thought I'd share...

...Cute fabric and my cheap-o but great-o sewing machine.  Oh, and that I have the physical ability {hands, eyes, etc} to create with them!

...2 year olds.  When Aidan came up and kissed my forearm while I was typing on the computer yesterday I melted.  Although he may write with markers on the sheets and walls, refuse to ever to go bed, and run from me everytime I call his name...he's happy and healthy.  I am thankful.

...children who have a spiritual perspective and Faith that we can all learn from.  Ethan brought this home from school the other day...

...Oregon trees.  15 minutes from where I grew up in OR there is a tree farm that grew this tree and shipped it to Utah--and now its in our cozy little living room.  I love that smell.  Thank-you tree farmers. 

...the holidays. 

They may not be a big deal to some, but they reminded me of how blessed I truly am.  How about you?

Pattern Sale {$5} + Thanks

This giveaway is now over.

Happy Thanksgiving! I know you may have heard a bunch about my Car Seat Blanket lately, but this will be the last time I bring it up for a while...I promise!

I just figured to show my "thanks" to all of you that visit my blog, my Car Seat Blanket Pattern is on sale for {$5} if you download from my blog and the sale is only until Saturday.  I won't put it on sale again until next year!  

I'm also going to give 2 more patterns away!  Just leave me a comment and let me know your favorite Thanksgiving dish & you'll be entered in the giveaway!  I'll have the drawing on Saturday!:) 

For more details about the blanket you can click here. It is one of my favorite baby accessories of all time.  Yeah, its up there with theh Bumbo.;)

I just revised the pattern & here's some feedback I've received about it...

Jenipants said:  "I love this pattern! It's so easy to sew :)"

Jill said: "When I was browsing the web for a pattern for a car seat cover for this winter (we live in Wyoming so it gets a little cold) I stumbled upon you pattern! What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing it with me & my daughter.  I have done some sewing before but by no means am I an expert.  Your pattern was very simple to follow!"

A few pictures of how it works...

Debbie said:
"It was really easy to follow...My husband wasn't really listening to me when I asked him if he thought this was a good idea.. "yep, sure honey.."  but then he saw what I made and was very happy!  I got a "Good work baby!  How'd you learn to make that?!?".

Debbie also sent me a picture of her sweet little gal with the CSB blanket she made!  How cute and cozy!  Thanks so much!

{Happy Thanksgiving!}
We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

"Thanks" Printable = Waves

{Little Note}
I always say that a little thanks goes a long way.  Well, I may not always say it, but I still think its true!

Case in point...
Ethan's busdriver: Sherry

I'd describe Sherry a stern-looking, sharp speaking, driven woman.  From the 1st day of school I knew it would be a challenge to get her to smile or wave at me.  But I needed  her on my side. She was taking my Kindergartener into her hands everyday to go to school.  I'm sure you know someone that may fit this profile.  {Hence my busdriver printable from September!}

And let me just I got a wave.  It may not have been a big one, but after Ethan handed her the Pumpkin-Chip Cupcakes and said "Happy Thankgiving"--she waved at me.  {And to all of those neighbor mom's out there...yes, this is a true story.  And yes, I had Ethan practice what he would say to her too.;)}

{Make 'Em}
And since I created these cute little notes I figured I might as well share them with you! 

You can print this note if you just want one...

Or you can click here to dowload the sheet of 8. 

I printed my notes on some cardstock I had around.  Didn't the tan add a fun splash of color?

Now just cut out the note and attach it to whatever you want! 

Enjoy. I hope it brings you many "waves"! 

Love, Toad

The Trendy Treehouse

Paper Snowflakes + More Templates

{Utah Snow}
There's nothing like hearing your 6 year old say,

"Mom, I might have made a mess."

I have to admit I was bit relieved when I walked over and only saw approx 100 million paper clippings... 

The transformation of every 81/2" X 11" sheet of paper in the house into snow was mind boggling.  I'm pretty sure Ethan would give any paper snowflake-making elf a run for his money.   Even Buddy.

I had no idea it was in him.  When I asked him where he learned how to make these amazing flakes of snow he said, "Trey taught me."  Trey is his 6 year old cousin who lives in Oregon.  And although he may not remember teaching Ethan, the skill was definitely learned.

My "job" {according to my little boss man} was to put the thread onto the snowflakes so they would hang just right when I taped them to the ceiling. 

And oh what fun! Aren't they so great?  I bet it makes you want to grab some scissors!  I'm thinking he ought to put a few into his Etsy shop "SticksandThings" and start selling a little Utah snow.  I mean really, who doesn't want a white Christmas?:)

{Templates "The Holidays": Part 2}
In my quest to find the perfect template for our family's little greeting postcards, I've been having a little fun creating.  And since I just made these sweet templates, I figured I might as well share them with you!

{And Just like the 1st Set I can add your picture{s} into the template if you'd like {$5}, or if you have photoshop you can buy all 3 {$5} and add your pictures yourself.}

If you want to learn more about the photo POSTCARDS or see my 1st set of templates click here.

If you'd like me to make your photo postcard just click here! Then you'll need to email me and let me know which option you'd like, and also send me the jpg photo you'd like me to use. 

Now, here you go! I'm calling Set 2: "The Holidays".

{Option D} Happy Holidays!

{Option E} The Nativity

{Option F} Holiday Wishes

Yeah, and after all that I still don't know which one we'll use!  Hopefully you're having better luck with your cards!:

Only Until Monday

{Little Treat}
Let's celebrate!  Its taken me forever, but I've finally updated my Car Seat Blanket Pattern and Tutorial!  The pattern pieces are now digitized and I'm convinced that anyone can follow my revised step-by-step picture tutorial.

Its great. You just print out the pages, tape them together, cut the them out, and follow my easy instructions to make the blanket!

In honor of my excitement my new pattern is on sale and I'm going to give 5 FREE patterns away for the first 5 people who make comments on this post!  Just a little treat for those who frequent my blog.  {If you are one of the lucky 5 just email me and I'll send you the pattern via email.}

{Pattern Sale $5}
Sorry Etsy.  The pattern is only on sale until Monday {November 15} and is only for people who download it from my blog! 

Click here to get yours:
Buy Now

{About the Blanket}
If you haven't seen this blanket you have to check out my post about it.  I love it.  Its NOT a cover, but a blanket that can fit into your car seat or stroller {anything with a 5 point harness} and will snuggle your baby right up!

And if babies aren't your thing maybe you can just work on your Holiday Greeting Cards!

Well, unless  you happen to be
comment #1 MAGGIE
or comment #6 JESSICA!
You guys won the free holiday postcards from my last post! Nice Job Ladies!
{Just email me which card option you'd like as well as a JPG photo you'd like to use and I'll hook you up!}

And I've been having some fun with these cards! 
Look how great this cute family's card turned out! Love it.


2010 Holiday Greeting POSTCARDS

{Hold the Presses!}
Just stop. Before you go and fork out $ for some holiday cards this year...just wait.  Or if you weren't going to send any cards because its too much work and $...keep the faith.  Toad is here.;)

2010 Photo Holiday Postcards are here. 
Unique, Easy, & Cheap!

{Last Year|: 2009}
Some of you may remember that last year I posted about how I use 4X6 pictures for my Christmas Cards.

 I just create a fun photocard in Photoshop Elements,  write on the back, and send them as postcards.  Its SO much cheaper than a regular card and envelope...especially when a postcard stamp is only $.28!  {Most of my people just want the picture anyway!:)}

{This Year: 2010}
This year I'm even more excited about these postcards.  You see, at Vistaprint you can print 100 postcards for FREE!  I know.

You just upload your picture (they actually want the cards 4.21"X 5.47") for the front of of the card and they even let you write a message on the back!  If the link I posted doesn't work for you, just Google "vistaprint free postcards" and you should get there.

PS The photo cube collage is a great idea...especially if you don't have a group shot to use!

I'm telling you now because in order to get the cheapest shipping through Vistaprint you have to order early.  Its only $6.53 for shipping and you get 100 postcards...but it takes 3 weeks to get them.  I guess they will really be delivered by donkey or something.;)  But if you can't wait you can get them sooner-- you just have to pay a little more.

{My Plan}
This is my plan of attack. 

Create my card in photoshop, upload it to vistaprint, wait and wait for them to come {I'm a cheap-o so I'll wait the 3 weeks!}, sign the back {my message will already be printed on the card through vistaprint}, add an address and $.28 postcard stamp, & stick that baby right into the mail. 

100 cards sound like alot, but I plan to stick them on gifts, neighbor treat plates, give them to teachers, blah, blah, blah...

{Want In?}
Go for it!  Don't have photoshop and want me to create a postcard for you?  You betcha.

You have 2 super choices...{beside making them yourself!:)}

Pay $5, send me the picture you want to use, pick your template from the options below, and within 24 hours I'll a jpg photocard emailed to you.  Each card that I make will be personalized for you.  Then all you have to do is print your postcards!  {I'll also resize the card for vistaprint if you want me to!}

If you have photoshop you can just buy my templates and stick your own picture in!  You get all three options for $5!  You can download the templates by clicking here.
I'm a wild woman, I know this.  But hey, its my creative outlet.:)

{Option A: Making Spirits Bright}

{Option B: Merry Christmas Stamp}
This stamp can be changed to say whatever you'd like.

{Option C: Merry&Bright}
This one comes in white or gray. The gray is at the very top of the post.

{Option D} Happy Holidays!

{Option E} The Nativity

{Option F} Holiday Wishes

You can pay for your custom card here {$5} & email me which option you'd like, as well as the jpg photo you'd like me to use.
Questions? Email me!

Happy Holiday Card Hunting!:)

The Trendy TreehouseNightOwlCrafting

The Hobby

{Mini Photo Shoots}
Just thought you might like to get a peek of what I did last weekend.  I actually took a heart pounding step out of my comfort zone and just went for it.    {If you haven't had that uneasy feeling for while I highly recommend it.  I'm sure I burned a bunch of calories.:)}

My old friend Jess--who I had a blast serving on a church mission with --was kind enough to give me a shot at her family holiday photos.  No pun intended.;)

And how yummy are these two?!  I know. I'm thinking that Aidan will need a playdate with this little guy very, very soon.

Hopefully Jess won't mind that I post a few of my favorites.  I love them.

Super yummy.


{Paula's Fam}
And another friend from my "20's" also let me take her family's pictures.  So fun!

{Holiday Cards}
Coming soon...
The best {and cheapest}way to send your holiday greeings!  Just a little idea I have...;)

Trashy Winner & Guessing Game

{Owl Beanie Winner}
Okay, even if you didn't win you can still make one!:)  Really, you can. 

However, if are comment #8 and the name by your comment is Trashy Betty you win!! And I love that we have a trashy winner!;) Congrats!

{Guessing Game!}
Now for a little game.
Question: Guess what is missing from these pictures I took outside today...

Answer:  You are!

I've decided to bite the bullet, put away my fears, and put myself out there.  Right now I'm taking a photography class and I'm getting antsy to put my new "skills" to work!

So if you're in the Salt Lake area and want some family pictures here's your chance!

The next 2 Saturdays I'll be taking family holiday pictures for a minimal price.  Sessions are 1/2 hour and will be taken at the great place I know that is pictured above.  I'll take as many pictures as possible, touch them up, and give you a CD with 20-25 of the best ones.   Just email me for more details if you're interested:

If not, no worries.  You can always get Ethan {my 6 year old} to sketch a portrait of you.  Last night he drew his brother Aidan eating popcorn and watching a movie.   I'm pretty sure he's open this Saturday and would give you a great deal.;)


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