It may not be fancy, but we like it!

For Christmas Bob got me a sewing machine (with some guidance and a helping hand from Tanya...Thanks Tan!)& yesterday I completed my 1st project! No, it won't win any awards at the county fair and no, I didn't use a pattern...but this little tote bag met the requirements for a happy 4 year old and a mom without a lot of time (and who hasn't had a sewing class since a Waldo Middle School Home Ec. class.:)

We went to the fabric store and Ethan picked out this green fabric (of course--his favorite color) and then when we got home he sat anxiously by the machine waiting for his "Book of Mormon book bag". He anticipated the chance to cut anything I would ask him to & then would say "This is taking a long time!" & ask how much longer until I was done.

No, its nothing fancy, but I guess you have to start somewhere!:)

Speaking of sewing...

Tanya made this little blue fleece football sweatshirt for Ethan when he was born. I pulled it out and put it on Aidan yesterday & I thought it was so cute. For those that don't know, Tanya is an amazing seamstress. She has worked for several bridal stores altering and sewing dresses(not to mention majoring in fashiong design) here's another plug for her great blog & craft ideas!


Tanya said...

i love love love that little green bag! you really did a great job! keep the project coming! don't forget to show us what you make! i really love it!

Janas Bananas said...

YOu did a great job!! I love it when people go and try things that they think they are not great at just to find out they really are... YOu got to start somewhere right. Maybe one day I will post a picture of the shorts I made years ago, thinking I didnt need a pattern I could just make them. YOU can make your own visual with what they may have looked like. My family still talks about it to this day...Just goes to show you how awsome they were!

Brian said...

Way to go. That is so fun. (for you that is) I am possibly the worst seamstress around. And it would put soo much stress in my life, but I am proud for those who can do it!!

Suzie said...

That's great! I sew all the time. I think it is rewarding to put the pieces together and create something. Let me know if you need help with anything. Recently I have been sewing pjs. I have some patterns if you'd like to make an attempt. It's really easy. - Suzie

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