Ethan's latest

-"Mom, you're skinny like a 5 year old."

-On our way to Costco we drive right past a lot where they are building an Olive Garden. The sign is out and every time we drive by Ethan asks if we can eat there when its open. I wondered why in the world he would want to eat there.(Getting him to eat anything but sweets or berries is a real chore so I was baffled!) A few days later I'd bought some blueberries at the store and Ethan was eating them by the handful. Then he made a comment about the blueberries at the Olive Garden. I realized that when he saw the sign with the grapes he probably thought they were going to serve him blueberries! How disappointing!:)

-"Mom, I love you. And when I grow up I'm going to be sad because I'll miss you."


Suzie said...

Can I borrow him for a little while, I'd like to feel skinny too! LOL! What a crack up!

Brian said...

What a cute kid. I love that kids love us no matter what we look like. So sweet.

Traci Jagels said...

Ok, so the quote from Ethan at the end of your post....about when he grows up he'll miss you??? My son said the same thing to me a year or two ago, so he must have been 4 - 5 yrs or something, but I melted! Isn't that amazing what they think about at such a young age?? I love it!

Christi said...

Ethan is so cute!

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