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When was the last time you felt rushed? Wait...are you trying to hurry and finish reading this right now? Um, you must be a typical busy, all-american tax paying person.   I won't waste any more of your time chatting and I'll get right to the point of this post which you might find helpful if you have a little one. Unique on the go parenting time/hassle saving gear AND a giveaway! 

{TV Time}
You can catch me on KSL Ch 5 (NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City) during the Noon news (Thursday May 29) to show off some of these great time saving and hassle saving gear...PLUS I'm giving away a Sachi Wipe Off Lunch Bag, Ulubulu Baby Bib, a MyDrinky Cup, and a pair of toddler NuFoot shoes! 

Just leave me a comment at the end of the post. Drawing will be June 1! 

1).  Ulubulu Baby Bib 

Cute, functional, and a fast clean up! I love that you can throw these right into the dishwasher.  Don't waste another minute wiping off those messy bibs! Plus, they are almost as cute as the baby who will wear it. :)


-100% silicone bibs, a non-toxic alternative to the
various plastic and vinyl bibs on the market. 
-Adjustable neck and nifty crumb-catching pocket
-11 different animal shaped stylesEach Ulubulu has an
.-Can be safely washed in the dishwasher or easily wiped clean. 

Cost: $9.99 ulubulu.com

2).  Inchbug Orbit Labels 

Put away the Sharpie. Who has time to labels every bottle you take out the door? Just throw these little personalized labels right onto your bottle or sippy cup and off you go!  The great things is that that can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher and reused over and over again.

-Personalized, non-adhesive, reusable.    
-Stretchy,elastic design allows it to snugly fit around or "orbit" a container, but
can simply be taken off when not needed.  
-Works on drink containers, sports bottles, as well as common other items like flashlights and other gadgets.  

Cost: $12.95 per 4-pack ($13.95 for 3D icon option)  inchbug.com

3).  MyDrinky 
If you've never had a juice box spill you have my permission to scroll right past this next one.  Ha. My guess is that you are still reading.  (Did the thought of your last car ride come to mind?) :) This next product is a quick and easy way to prevent a time sucking mess from happening.  The MyDrinky cup.

-Adjustable juice box holder that easily secures
any size juice/milk box or pouch making it easy for kids to drink withoutcausing a mess from squeezing it.  
-Easily adjusts to fit the smallest 4 oz boxes and pouches up to the larger 8 oz versions. 
-Unique 2-piece system locks into place, keeping the juice box/pouch from falling out.  

Cost: $5.95 inchbug.com

4).  Nufoot 
Let's talk about those fast food indoor place places. They want your kids to wear their socks but if they do then they can't run up the slides. Solution: Nufoot.  These little booties have a little traction and you may actually get out of the restaurant without that extra million germs picked up from your child's feet. (The anti-bacterial gel will have to do for the hands.:) 

-Made from comfy but sturdy neoprene, they are water and germ resistant.  
-Light-weight and skid resistant soles. 
-The 4-way stretch neoprene fabric accommodates growing feet, stretching as your child grows,
staying comfortably snug at all times.  

Cost: $12.99 - $14.99 depending on style www.nufoot.com

5).  Sachi Insulated Food Handbags 

Large and in charge. These new Sachi Food Handbags will let you bring all of your lunches to the park and still keep it cool! No need to waste time packing 5 separate lunches...all of the food will fit in this easy to carry bag!

Features:-Insulated lunch bags with many designs to choose from.
-Roomy enough to double as a handbag,while effectively keeping food hot or cold as desired.  
-Easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.  

Cost: $5.99 - $27.99 sachi-bags.com

Now, what will you do with all of that time you saved? I know what's on my "if I had more time" wish list...a nice, fat nap. :)

Don't forget to enter to win! 

+Emily Ashby

Happy Mother's Day 2014

{Love those Ladies}
Happy Mother's Day to all of the women who make such a great impact in our lives & for the men who have helped us become mother's! This post is a tribute to the women and men in my life that have made me who I am as a mother...

{The boys} 
The man and little men who have given me a chance to be a mom. I just hope & pray I don't mess them up too much. :)

Bob. The dad. 

Ethan & Aidan. I love them more that I knew I could ever love anything.

{My Mom}
An amazing woman. Raising 6 kids could not be easy...especially when you realize that those kids were my sibling and I. Ah. Bless her heart. 

And we can't talk about our wild family without this guy. My dad...

Mom + Dad = 6 kids and a gaggle of grandkids.

{Other Ladies}
And here are a few more family members that I am lucky to have in my life as great women, role models, and mothers. These are the ones that don't even know how great they really are.

My sister Stooph.

My aunt Diane. 

My sister Marge. 

My sister in laws Tanya, Katherine, and Mary. 

In a future post I'll talk about some more great ladies that I may or may not be related to. Happy Mother's Day to all. May those little hugs and kisses be burned into our minds forever.


Mom Toad

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