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{Last Minute}
Okay, reality check...who doesn't need a last minute every now and then?  If you happen to be one of these fine people I won't waste any more time talking, but I'll just give you a few simple ideas.  (These can also be seen during my "Creative Segment" on KSL Ch 5 on December 24 around 6:45 AM. Yay!)

Find a Frame, Print a Quote
Yes, its that simple! If you have a frame lying around your place this a fast, easy thoughtful gift! You can print one of our favorite quotes HERE!

Black and White Photos work well too...

Magazine Subscription
Print is still IN! If you need something on the fly this is a great option! And here is one of my new favorite magazines: Click!

Twig Decor
Get the kids out of your hair and out collecting sticks!  Details on how to make this natural decor can be found on my previous post HERE.

Make a Chalkboard
Grab whatever you find, spray it, and go!  Don't tell Bob I stole one of his football coaching clipboards...:)

Pencil Holders
And not the kind the men in our life seem to have on a regular basis...:)  With all of that holiday cooking you are bound to have a can or two around. Just grab some glue (or a hot glue gum) & wrap the can with fabric or paper! Previous post HERE. 

Oh and I just found these great tags by I thought I'd share.  Love that whimsical style!

{A Peak}
And like most of you we have been running around this place like crazy! Here a quick peak into some of our holiday fun!

Wishing you the best Christmas ever!

Love, Toad and the Fam

$12 off at Camera Coats

Being the creator of Camera Coats has a few giving great deals to my friends from Toad's Treasures!  Until 12/12/12 get $12 off at

We've got some super cute styles that just arrived and they are so great!  Surprise that photographer with a gift that they will forever thank-you for.

Code: 121212
Expires: 12/12/12
Not good with any other deals/offers.

Yay! Love, Toad

Print A Present + Gift Tags

{Print A Present}
Simple and thoughtful...just like any gift should be!  

Thanks to a sweet gal who left a comment, I have updated these little booklets so that they can be used as a Holiday Gift!  Yay! (Great idea by the way!)

For the step by step guide of how to put them together you can CLICK HERE.  Then you (or someone you know) can fill the pages with pictures, words, or whatever!

{Gift Tags}
And now for my annual gift tag collection. Some of these are from past years, but they may still come in handy!  I created all of these for your printing enjoyment! Have fun!

If you're doing the 12 days of Christmas these little round gems might come in handy!

If you gift is "Handmade With Love" this one is great...

And don't forget to say "Thanks!"

 How's that for a Holiday Print Party!

+Emily Ashby


{Quote of the Day}
Ethan (8) said this to his teacher yesterday...
"Sometimes my mom is on TV.
Sometimes she knows what she is talking about, 
but sometimes she doesn't."

Bahaha. I guess you probably say that about me most of the time...:)


Unique Fitness Gifts {TTT}

{Holidays are here!}
Mr. SpideyElf is ready.  He was born ready.  Once he proclaimed "Santa's Baby? Santa has a baby?!"  I knew that he was ready to take on the holidays.  I suppose the rest of us will just run around and do our best to catch up this season. :)
Are you ready? 

Looking for some gift ideas?  Toad's got you covered.:)
I'm heading out to KSL (Ch 5 in Salt Lake) to do a little segment on Unique Family Fitness Gifts...and here's the rundown of what I'll be talking about!
"TRAINERmat is the first exercise training mat designed to guide users through an entire body workout for the easiest and most effective at home workout possible.  TRAINERmat details 24 exercises in graphics on its surface so you can maximize your workout.  The practice exercises printed on the mat fall into four different categories: Pillar Preparation, Movement Preparation, Movement Skills, and Regeneration.  $29.99"

My mom actually has one of these and loves it.   Great for the winter days when you're exercising inside. I love that your workout is all over the roller so you don't have to think about what to do next!  I guess I should probably start using this bad boy or I'm going to have a lot of making up this spring. ;)


"Nufoot is a revolution in indoor footwear, great for use in the gym.  Made from sturdy neoprene, they are water-proof, super stretchy and comfortable footwear allowing people to simultaneously enjoy the stability of walking barefoot, the comfort of walking in socks and the protection of walking in shoes.  Additional features include ergonomic designs and anti-skid soles.  Comes in multiple sizes and colors for men and women.  $9.99/pr"

These little booties just seem smart.  Who knows what's on the floor at the gym, in the lockroom, or on my kitchen floor (honestly).  I like that you can just throw them in the wash. 

"The ePulse2 is the world’s first strapless, armband continuous heart rate monitor, pedometer and calorimeter.  ePulse2 is the first device to make this technology practical and convenient for anyone who exercises or is interested in tracking calories burned or monitoring heart rate or step counting while conducting any type of activity from running to walking or simply doing daily chores.  Included features are continuous heart rate and exercise calories burned tracking, target heart rate zones, exercise time, stop watch w/ split times, calculation of max/min/avg heart rate, calorie count down, day/night OLED display.  Powered by rechargeable battery.  $89.99"

I've always been a fan of heart rate monitors, but I love that this one doesn't have a band you have to wear.  I also like that it has a rechargeable battery...heaven knows what its like to try and replace those little watch batteries!

Aquajogger System:
"The Aquajogger is a fantastic in-water exercise system that comfortably suspends you at shoulder level in deep water allowing you to breathe normally and move freely while performing a wide variety of water exercise. The Aquajogger components allow the person working out to determine the level of resistance they want for their leg and arm motions, ranging everywhere from very low, approximating a walk, to very strenuous, similar to a full-body fitness machine workout only without the joint discomfort and machinery. Makes low-impact, in-water exercise much more enjoyable, effective and beneficial. $44.95 and up."

I've always been a water fan. In fact, back in the day I actually used to teach water aerobics! I know, who would have guessed! :)  I think this system would be a great gift for those water walkers or people who need to have a low impact workout.  The body floatie keeps you up and then the weights and leg floaties really make for a great workout.

"Develop core and lower body fitness and endurance in the comfort of your own home with the HOPZ leap trainer. HOPZ resistance training will help you to develop explosive leg drive and power and strengthen key muscles in your lower body.  HOPZ consists of resistance bands that quickly attach and release to ankle straps and belt rings.  The ankle straps have built in show harnesses to keep the bands in place.  Adjustable belt fits most weight sizes.  Durable bands with resistance up to 40 lbs.  $59.99"

I wish this would have existed back when I was playing volleyball in high school.   Being 5'3' (on the roster) wasn't very intimidating.  Being a setter it worked out, but if I could jump maybe I could have been an outside hitter. Okay, maybe not, but improving my jump reach would have been awesome.

"TRAINERmat is the first exercise training mat designed to guide users through an entire body workout for the easiest and most effective at home workout possible.  TRAINERmat details 24 exercises in graphics on its surface so you can maximize your workout.  The practice exercises printed on the mat fall into four different categories: Pillar Preparation, Movement Preparation, Movement Skills, and Regeneration.  $29.99"

Why haven't they been putting the exercises on the mat all of this time?

And there you have it!  I hope this segment is with Scott Haus...he's my favorite anchor have do these segments.  Not only is he from Oregon, but he's funny...and reminds me of my brothers.

And we'll see you again much more Holiday fun to come!

aka Toad:)

Small Business Saturday 2012 + CC Models {TTT}

{Shop Small}
Today's little tip from the Toad is to remember those little small businesses when you're out shopping this Season! And I mean "little" small businesses because you'd be surprised what qualifies as a small business these days!  I'm talking about the little guys who make great stuff but aren't in the big shop stores.  You can find them online or at your local farmer's market.  Love them.   

Shop Camera Coats:  Of course I'm biased when it comes to Camera Coats (since they are my 3rd baby), but if you know anyone who has a camera these really are a great gift. Not only because its super smart, but because odds are they will be surprised when they find it under the tree!

(Click on the photo and it will take you to the FB page so you can "like" us! Yay!)

And Camera Coats will be joining Small Business Saturday this year!  It is a day that is starting to be recognized for people to "shop small" and it is this Saturday November 24, 2012.  Many small businesses will be participating and offering great deals/discounts in their shops!

Check out Camera Coat's Facebook page for more deals & be sure to register your American Express card to get a $25 credit when you spend $25 on their approved Small Business vendors!  (Camera Coats has applied to be a vendor, but we have yet to be approved...hopefully soon!)

And if you haven't visited lately shame on you.  Ha! Just kidding. But really, if you haven't been to the shop lately you may not have seen our new Perfect Pouches!

These are not only padded & waterproof but super cute & perfect for a camcorder, small camera, or lens! Just stick your gadget in the pouch and throw it in your diaper bag or purse! TahDah! Protected and ready to go!

 Someone on your Holiday Gift list is sure to need one of these.

{Good Friends=Great Models}
And introducing the new hands/face of Camera Coats.  You should count yourself lucky if I haven't hit you up to be a model for Camera Coats.  No really.  And if our paths ever cross you'd better be ready to model your little heart out just like these great friends of mine...

You see, being a little small business means you do most things yourself...including taking product pictures.  One day I hope to have a PR department, but until then you all better watch out!

1st: Jenn.  Our latest seen in the 1st picture of this post. (Isn't she pretty and JCrew like?!)  Not only is she cute, but she is the owner of The BlueBerry Hill hat company... and actually twisted my arm to get me to start Camera Coats.  Yes, she actually twisted it.

Bless her heart.  I'm not sure if it was worth the lunch I bought her afterwards, but she was a trooper I tell you during this photo shoot I tell you.  There's nothing like having a friend take your picture while holding a camera in a park near your home.

Wow. Nice job Jenn.  Thanks again!

Next up: The Camera Coats Logo sister in law Tanya.  Some of you may know her from the amazing blog Trey and Lucy ...and she has been another Camera Coat supporter from day one.  In fact, after I created my 1st Camera Coat-ish type covering she loved it and made me promise to do something with it.

Without her there would be no Camera Coats.  Without her there would not be this awesome picture.

(The picture was taken on our way running out the door to an adventure with the kids while we were in Oregon last summer.  Bless her heart.)

Oh, and see that cute baby leg? That would be Charlotte.  I had to cut out her face because if you saw it you wouldn't even look at the Camera Coat. :)

Thanks for all of your support Tan. Couldn't/Wouldn't have done it without you. 

Next: The Man Coat brother Travis.  This was on of the 1st pictures I took and it may always be a part of the Camera Coat photo collection.  Travis is Tanya's wife.  And I'm sure he is thrilled that I'm not only point out that he is a "model" but that I'm still talking about it. Love ya T. Thanks again.

My favorite...on the cell phone, Camera Coat in place, walking by my parents raspberries bushes. I'm giggling just looking at it.  You are a great brother Trav...a really great brother.:)

Next up: The Marge. My sister. Another super model and great CC supporter.  She is actually better at talking about and selling them than I am.  Seriously.  Thanks Marges.

And "go-to" dear friend Heather.  And I say "dear friend" because not only does she let me take pictures of her arm, but she let's me borrow her camera when I get a new Camera Coat and need to take pictures of it.  Her camera is in almost every Camera Coats photo you see.

Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you Heather.  And you have a rockin' arm too...

Want more about the behind the scenes of Camera Coats?  Maybe in the next post you'll get to see the models faces!  (If they promise to talk to me afterwards...:)

Well, this turned out to be quite the post!  Don't forget to Shop Small and spread the word about this Saturday...the little guys will love you for it.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Inside Snowman: A Busy Mom's Dream

{Warm is Wonderful}
Next time your little ones begs you to make a snowman with them the answer is, "YES!" 

If you've had a little bit of this going on...

but you don't have enough time, man power, or hand warmeres to run out and make a full fledged snowman, here is your answer!

What do you think?!  Our 1st big snowfall hit here in Utah and Aidan was begging me to build a snowman.  We had to pick up Ethan in 15 minutes so building a real snowman wasn't an option...then I quickly came up with this!

Aidan happy...check!  Mom happy...check!

Don't have snow?  How about a marshmallow or popcorn ball? I bet they'd work nicely too!

{Winter Wonderland}
There's nothing like being a kid in the snow.   Nothing...including frozen fingers or toes...holds you back from having the time of your life.  

There's also nothing like watching kids play in the snow!  Having that cocoa ready when they come in is one of my favorite moments as a mom.  I love it.  

Happy snowman making!

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