Our real Oregon Tree!

I stood with tears in my eyes as I saw the tag on the tree that said, "Sublimity, Oreogn". As we bought the tree the clerk said it was cut 3 days earlier. Sublimity is 5 minutes from where I grew up & in the area we would go to pick out a Christmas tree each year. Since these types of tree farms are hard to come by in Utah we consented to going to the "Christmas Store" aka Lowes to get our tree. (Our Christmas Stores are pretty much any store with a little Christmas village, lights, and fun decor to look at!:) Aunt Stooph in all her wisdom picked the biggest, fattest, best tree ever. I think this will be a good Christmas!

PS Check back soon for more pictures to come of our "tree lighting" & decorating. The smell of a fresh tree can't be beat!


Happy Thanksgiving 2008!

Just hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! We are looking forward to spending ours with Steph, Matt, Kathryn, Marge, & Dennis! It is so good to reflect on all of the blessings the Lord has given us. Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's our homemade napkin holders & name cards!

We are thankful for...
Ethan:"our family...I love our family very much."
Emily:"great friends and family."
Bob:"2 healthy boys & my job."

PS Coming soon... last Friday nights Thai review!:)

The Pump & I

Warning: This post is not for those who have no interest in nursing.:)

So, I finally decided to share my nursing woes on my blog because it rules my life. For those who nursing comes so naturally and easily you should be grateful (you know who I'm talking about- you are the ones knitting while your babe eats in the mothers lounge at church.:)) My experience has been less than ideal & here you go...

#1 My babies are born starving. Poor Ethan...he was screaming at us for days until we realized he was starving. Before I had Ethan I took 3 different breast feeding classes and they all said I'd have enough for whatever my babies needs are...

However, I don't produce enough milk to fill these little tummies. So this time after pumping like a mad woman to stimulate production in the hospital & using the SNS technique we decided poor Aidan just needed a bottle to eat. We only fed him after I nursed and he was still yelling- which was about 2 times a day.

#2 My babies are also very sensitive to what I eat...they are full of colic so I have to cut out all dairy, broccoli, chocolate, anything even a bit spicy or favorful, etc...you get the picture. I also use gas drops every feeding in the beginning (thanks to poor Ethan who taught us the hard way).

Sidebar: At this time I was also pumping 5-10 minutes after nursing to get my milk production up.

#3 I have to eat and drink like I'm at chuck-0-rama to even get milk I do!

So, we were getting along okay but I wondered if there was anything else I could do to get more milk. So when Aidan was about 2 months I went to the Lactation Station (love it) and talked to a consultant. I told her my story and she (to my surprise) said it sounded like I knew what I was doing and tried everything & that I just had bad luck. (Nice, I know.) But she did say that herbs can work to stimulate milk production for some women. Of course I thought it was worth a try!

I took Fenugreek which actually started to increase my production in about 3 days!! I was so excited. Then Aidan and I actually nursed exclusively for about 1 week!! And as much of a beast that nursing was for me I actully started to simi-like it. But of course it couldn't last...

When Aidan was almost 3 months we took a road trip to St. George. For whatever reason(new place, new smells, my hormones (I started spotting), etc)he went on a nursing strike (refused to nurse!). I kept nursing him at night and called Le Leche, the hospital lacation nurse, & the lacation station. They said to stick it out and he'll come around. After 2 weeks of pumping I started to get sore from the pump I was using so I went back to the Lact. Station to rent a pump.

While there the consultant told me that at about 2-3 months babies start to get picky. (Nice.) She also took a peek at me and said that my nipples may not be long enough to be stimulating his suck reflex. Wow!! Finally some method to my madness! All this time (with Ethan too) it may just be me!

So, with my rented pump in tow I headed home to be the pumping princess. Aidan has since refused to nurse completely (after many frustrating session for both him & I). So I pump. Don't think I'm that cool...I just can't deal with sick babies. The antibodies in breastmilk are my motivation to keep it up. I figure if I can get through the winter pumping it would be best for Aidan & I.

I've actually gotten used to pumping...I just have to plan my schedule around it since I don't have the luxury of my baby relieving me while I'm out. The worst is having to clean the parts each time I pump. But other than that I don't mind...Bob can feed the baby which is great & I don't have to nurse in public (which I was terrible at!)

So there you have it. If you ever wonder what I'm up to there's a pretty good chance a pump is involved. And when Bob sends Ethan in mooing I just smile and know that "this too shall pass.":)

Ethan took this one...we love the bumpo!

We are thankful for...
Ethan:"my teddy bear. "
Emily:"bob has a job & that Ethan is such a good little guy."
Bob:"pink floyd" (He just got back from the Pink Floyd Australia concert)

PS SIRI: Do you recognize this little onesie? You gave it to me for Ethan!!:) Thanks!!

Fun with the Hennessy's

Last weekend we got to spend some time with our favorite Utah cousins...the Hennessy's. On Sat. night we watched Kelly in a play at BYU. (Great job Kel!) Marge came up from St. George & Diane invited us all over for dinner on Sunday. It was alot of fun & Diane even made Ethan's day by making smores outside.(He asks for them everytime we go to visit.) Dave made a great fire & the "marshmellow sandwiches" (according to Ethan) were so yummy! Thanks for always being so great to us Hennessy family!
Stooph, Ethan, Kelly

And here is Ethan. He can't say "Harry Potter" without this accent. 4 is such a great age!

Thai Restaurant Review #2

So here it is!

Last night for our next visit to a Thai restaurant we hit
Thai Lotus.
212 East 500 South

Scale: 1-5 (1=poor, 5=amazing)

Atmosphere: 5- More of an "Eson" (traditionally found in Northeastern Thailand)style decor. Very clean with great little Thai art & decorations in good taste.

Service: 5 - The service was great & they even gave us each a free little dessert to try...I think it was a Lotus custard.

Food: 4- Traditional authentic Thai...found in the Northeastern terrority. Not as spicy as Bob likes, but the details like fish sauces were good. I loved the cream cheese crab appetizer & it was a great deal at $3.95 for 8!

Fish: 0- This is Ethan's department. Unfortunately there weren't any tonight...sorry Ethan!

Overall review: We got there at 5:30ish and we were surprised that we were the only ones eating in the restaurant until about 6. (Which is great when we have the littles with us!:) Bob really liked this one...even better than last week because it was more authentic. I liked last week better because of the cozy, classy feel, but the satay was good here too. Ethan loved looking at all of the little Thai "treasures" around the place. I also want to go back when its warm at eat on the tables outside!

On scale of 1-5...4.5

PS If you know of any entirely Thai restaurants we can try let us know!(Not "Asian" or Thai/Japanese, etc.)

Tonight we are thankful for:
Ethan: "Aunt Marge and Stooph"
Emily: "great Christmas gift ideas...(thanks Tan)& my sisters who are so great to my kids!"
Bob:"my wife & that we live in this day & age because we have great technological advances."

Last Year at this time...

So I was thinking about how much life has changed for our family since last year. I actually started this blog a year ago (thanks once again to Tanya for prodding me to do it), wasn't even pregnant yet (and now have a 3 month old), & had just finished coaching Ethan's little soccer team. Its amazing how when you were a kid time seemed to go so slow & you couldn't wait to be older. Now time flies & although I still feel like I'm as young as a teenager the smile lines & a few gray hairs are beginning to show. I guess its best to enjoy every moment life brings before they pass and you don't even realize it.

PS I think in the spring I may try coaching a little team again. Maybe soccer or t-ball or something. Anyone have any 4 year olds that would want to play?

Today we are thankful for:
Ethan:"that I can march like this..."
Emily:"a reliable car, a loving husband, & Rumbi's salads."
Bob:"HD cable TV & Tevo."

Our Real Estate Agent

Here's Ethan's preschool picture for this year. My brother Matt thinks it looks like a real estate agent photo. Steph said it reminded her of Deb's photos (from Napolean Dynamite). I'm just glad he's smiling and you can't see the glue stuck in his hair & on the right side of his forehead from art class the day before.:)

Tonight we are thankful for...
Ethan:"the baby."
Emily:"Heavenly Father's patience,love,& keeping us safe today."
Bob:"a roof over our heads."

Mormon Jo!:)

So we (Ethan & I) have found our new favorite thing! Its White Chocolate Peppermint Hot Chocolate at Starbucks! Since we don't drink coffee this is our new fun hot drink! And its so yummy! The kids size is so great...they make it not so hot for the little ones. If you need a little rainy or snowy day treat (like we did today) you should try it!

Today we are thankful for...
Ethan: "my bed because I can camp out in it."
Emily: "yummy treats on cold rainy days & electric breast pumps so I don't have to use a manual pump every 3 or so hours!"
Bob: (He's still at work.)


So tonight we are thankful for...

Ethan: no comment (he's in bed already)
Emily: my cozy bed & having a fireplace!
Bob: food & for a body that works.

Thai Restaurant Review

If you like Thai food you'll love my new blog post!

For those of you who don't know...my husband Bob loves Thai food. (He served his mission in Thailand.) Since discovering that Salt Lake has more Thai restaurants than I ever imagined I thought it would be fun to try & go to them all & then report our findings! (Which Bob was very excited about.:)

Tonight we started with
Sawadee Thai Restaurant (754 East South Temple St.)

Scale: 1-5 (1=poor, 5=amazing)

Atmosphere: 5- Loved the cozy feel, classy Thai decorations (not just posters & dusty relics), & subtle romantic lighting.

Service: 5+- The staff was friendly,knowlegable, spoke Thai (Bob loves that) & the food came out fast!!

Food: 4- Bob said it was good Thai American. "Very Bangkokish" (Whatever that means...only Marge will really know)

Fish: 0- This is Ethan's department. He will judge the fish tanks. However, there weren't any tonight...sorry Ethan!

Sticky rice is great for the kids (or nursing/pumping moms:). Ethan loves to make balls out of it...even little rice snowmen. I love it because it also serves as entertainment for Ethan.

I usually have to get something mild & like Satay...little grilled chicken or beef on a stick. And wide-eyed Aidan appreciates the non-spicy food later.:)

Overall review: I was a little worried that it may be a little too nice for a family meal when the picture online had people in dresses & ties drinking wine. (So I called & they said it was for families...of course:) Ethan & Aidan were the only kids in the whole restaurant, but no one seemed to mind. (And the boys were actually really good...thank goodness!) I think this place will be hard to beat!

On scale of 1-5...We give it a 4 (leaving room for others to top it...although I think it will be hard to find anything better for the price!)

Tonight we are thankful for:
Ethan: He's in bed.
Emily: Friends that call & want to do fun things!(Thanks for calling this morning Heather!)
Bob: Thai food.

Latest photo

Just got this back today. It was the only picture Aidan wasn't crying in.:)

Today we are thankful for...

Ethan: "...grandpa & you."
Emily: "I'm thankful I'm not pregnant anymore."
Bob: He's still at class tonight...

The Babe, Tadpoles, & Cookies

My mom got Aidan this shirt..."Sleep is for the Weak".
I admit it, I'm weak.

Ethan: "Mom, these tadpoles can get the bad guys."
Me: "What tadpoles?"
Ethan: "These ones." (This is a cannonball that goes to the castle he got for his birthday-I guess he thought they were called tadpoles.)

Ethan loves to make cookies. He gets in the best mood everytime the cookie cutters come out. Unfortunately I love to eat them!!:)

Today's thanksgiving:

Emily: I'm thankful for Bob when he watches the kids so I can go workout. (My goal is to run a 5K in two weeks...it will be a slow one with this postpardum body of mine so pray that I make it.)
Bob: I'm grateful for how great Emily is with the kids. (Nice one Bob):)

Sometimes I look forward to bedtime...

Monday November 3:
Ethan: I'm thankful because I love you.
Bob: I'm thankful we have healthy boys.
Emily: I'm thankful when Bob comes home from work and helps me.

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