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This post is especially for my mom & dad who love to see their little grandkids & for those of you who love babies. After so many sleepness nights, nursing battles (he's still on his nursing strike & refuses to nurse), hours of crying, & pooping it out all over the place...its nice to see a smile on this little man's face!!

Tanya's cute craft & other ideas

So, for those of you who may frequent my blog you may have heard of this Tanya chic. She is my super sister in law (still wondering how my brother landed her) & she's the one who took the great picts of the boys. She also got me into blogging.

Anyway! She has a great blog & often has fun & simple craft & creative ideas for decorating, cooking, etc. She step by step walks you through how to do them!!

This last week she really went for if you have a few minutes you really should check it out. Also, click on "craft ideas" for other ideas she already posted.

Love ya Tan!

I added the link on the top right hand side of my blog.
(I can't figure out how to add the link, so just click on that or on Travis & Tanya (on the right had side of my blog under Family) or go to

PS The tutu's she posted (how to make) is what I wore as Tinker Bell at Ethan's b-day party. (Only alot bigger.:) She was asked by a store owner to make some & they are selling at little shop in Tanya's town! Way to go Tan! Yes, I'm a big fan.:)

Ethan's "Hut" & Matching guys

This is what Ethan calls his "hut". As you can see its a little cove behind his bed. One night Bob informed me that Ethan was sleeping in a fort they had made. I didn't think much of it, but now every night he sleeps in this special little place behind his bed.

He also insists that we still tuck him in...which isn't so easy anymore!:) And heaven forbid I be the one who knocks it down while saying goodnight!

I couldn't resist getting these matching pj's for the boys. Ethan actually loves to match Aidan so its alot of fun getting them clothes that match. (Although finding the same 3 month and 5T outfits aren't easy...ask the gal at OshKosh that I made run all over the store hunting down sizes for me!:)

Sidebar: When I showed Margo some of the matching things I got she reminded me of how much I hated it when Mom & Dad would put us in matching clothes. I started thinking about how hard life must be growing up as the #2 child ...sorry Marge!:) I'd match you any day now!:)

Together Again!

So last year I ran into an old friend from home! Her name is Jordan & I've known her as long as I can remember. She lives here now and so its been so great to catch up on life & have our kids play together. Today we had a great time at Wheeler Farm! I'm so glad we are in touch again Jordan!!

Off to Neverland!

This year for Ethan's 4th birthday he wanted to have a Peter Pan birthday party. It worked out great since the girls loved to dress up as Tinker Bell (or any other Disney princess)& the boys could dress up as Peter Pan or Captain Hook if they wanted to.

The invitations...
The only thing I wish I would have done was stick some "Pixie Dust" in the envelope with the invite so they could use it to get to "Neverland"!

We also dressed up for fun & the kids LOVED it (the parents got a chuckle out of it too:). The kids especially loved it when Captain Hook chased them around.
Pictured: Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, & little Schmee

The cake...
Since it was impossible to find a cake pan that looked like the island of Neverland,I made a mold out of tin foil and baked the cake in it.

A few fun details...
Instead of buying stickers of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell I just found some clip art online and printed them out on "sticker paper" & mail address labels! It was great because I used the stickers to decorate the cake (on toothpicks), the party sacks, the invites, and anything else I could think of.

Althougth I don't have pictures, I also did the following...

-We had the kids make swords (out of card board, tin foil, and electrical tape) and magic wands (out of dowls with plummer's piping wrapped around them) while we waited for everyone to arrive. They thought it was great.

-At the end of the party we had a "treasure hunt" and at the end they all got their "treasure" which was their party bags filled with stickers, treats, and pens.

-We played pin the "pirate on the map" aka Pin the tail on the donkey, "Peter, Peter, Pan! aka Duck, Duck, Goose, & had a little "cake walk" but we used candy and played music from the movie as they walked.

-I didn't decorate very much, but I didn't really need to! I just put up a few green streamers, signs with pictures from different parts of the Neverland Island (mermaid lagoon, skull rock, etc.), & got a tablecloth that looked like a treasure map.

We also made picture frames out of large popsicle sticks that I spray painted green, self sticking foam pieces, and a bit of glitter.

Then with the "Thank-you" cards we sent after the party was over we included a picture of themselves at the party that they could put in their frame. (Which I heard from several mothers have been taped to the wall by their child's cute.)

Everyone had a great time!

Then in the evening we had our "Pizza & Pumpkins" with family. It was a fun full day!!

Our day

Today Ethan had his 1st preschool field trip. It was to Thanksgiving Point to Cornbellies (which by the way I didn't even know was was soooo much fun). I decided since Ethan & I don't get alot of one on one time that I'd ask Steph to watch Aidan. (Thanks a ton Steph!!) We called it "our time" and it was so great.

Here's Ethan (2nd cow from the end) & his friend Isaac in the Cow Train.

At the end Ethan got to pick a pumpkin. He took 2 steps into the patch and picked up the 1st one he saw. (You may be able to tell from the photo most of the pumpkins are a little farther away.:) I thought it was strange that it was just sitting there alone. When we got into the car Ethan said there were letters on it. I looked back and noticed that it said "Nick" on it...:) I suppose its man's trash is another man's treasure!:)

Aidan's Blessing

Today Aidan was blessed at church. Since we don't believe in baptizing babies (they need to make that decision for themselves) we give them a special blessing during our services when they are a few months old. Bob gave him the blessing and it was very special.

Here are the boys!

A few of the people who came to the blessing. And no, Ethan didn't wear his costume to church!:)

"Little Monster"

I love when we start to get a little feedback! Aidan is growing so fast & its so fun to see him coo and smile now. Ethan especially loves it. He's 2 months now!

Our little Lightyear

So, its that time of year again! Ethan could hardly wait to get his buzz costume & it came in the mail today. I'm not a huge fan of dressing up myself, but I have to admit it sure is fun to dress up the little ones!

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