Ashby Elf Dance!

Click on this link to see us like you've never seen us before!:)

We're looking forward to the great time of year!

Ethan's Swimming Lesson 11/14/07

Ethan loves to swim. I found the best swimming lessons and today they even started teaching him the butterfly. He usually yells "To infinity and beyond!" when he jumps off the diving board. Its fun to watch him.

Hi Trey!

Hi Trey! Ethan loves his scooter. He also loves to be out when Matt is riding his longboard!

St. George Visit

It was so great to visit Grandpa last month. He's 92 and going strong! He is such an example and inspiration to us all.

Fall Soccer

I coached Ethan's little soccer team this fall. I think we only scored about 5 goals for the other team. It was a fun little team.

Happy Halloween

Here's Ethan as a pirate! We had pretty low key Halloween. Ethan lasted about 1/2 hour trick or treating-and that included a stop at the park to play for a bit.

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