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{Owl Mania}
If you thought the owl craze was over...oh no its not! Especially not this time of year when every owl LOVES to pop out and show itself among all of the hot fall decor!  And how can we resist such cute little plushies! 

easy pillow pattern owl

If you LOVE owls then this free easy owl pattern & tutorial I created is for you.

The step by step photo instructions have received grand raves from owl makers all over the globe.   So many gals have emailed me with excitement as they completed this fun project with a grand-daughter or have made one of these cute owls and give it to a sweet friend at their baby shower.  Believe it or not this simple pattern has been download over 32,000 since I posted it! Go owl lovers!

Alright, back to your everyday business ladies...but if you hear a little "peep" don't be surprised if one of these owls is calling your name!

+Emily Ashby

Easy No Sew Burlap Banner

{Easy Fall Decor}
Do you have a hot glue gun? Tacky glue? Duct tape? Okay, maybe not duct tape...but if you have something that stick two things together you can probably make this banner!  Its perfect for the front door, mantle, or across your kitchen window.  

I'm dedicating this post to my friend, Lori Prichard, who is an anchor over at KSL Ch 5 (SLC).  She is usually the cute gal who I do the morning segments with and she claims she is not very "crafty".  So Lori, this one is for you!  

Its super cute, versatile, and takes about 20 minutes to make.  I know. Let's do it!

Grab your glue, thick string/twine, burlap and your scissors.

Cut the burlap into the size and shape you'd like.

Put the glue along the top of the burlap and then place the twine on top of it.  Watch those fingers if you're using hot glue!  If you just hold the twine down on both sides that makes it a bit less risky for burns.:) 

Continue add the shape along the twine until you get the length you'd like.  Long, short, you just go for it!

And in no time at all you'll have a little piece of decor that you can use for the next 4 months!  Yes, from fall into winter!  Yay!!

(How do you like this red fence? Its in our backyard at our new place.  I have a feeling you'll be seeing more of this cute photo prop. Family pictures anyone?! :)

More "how to's" from the TV segment on Tuesday are coming! See you soon!

-Emily aka Toad

Easy Fall Decorations DIY

{Fall is Here}
I'm beginning to think that September should be a part of summer.  It sure feels more like summer than fall around here!  So I guess the only thing that may help me think its actually fall is a few fall decorations!

Now if you're not much of the "decoration" type and you may think about decorating once a year...I vote that this is it! Why?
Fall decor is great because #1 it is so easy #2 it isn't associated with any religion or crazy holiday (ie Valentine's Day) so everyone in the world can really enjoy them, and #3 you get to leave them up for 3 solid months!  

I know you're really excited about this now.  If you need more of a pep talk be sure to tune into KSL Ch 5 in the morning (5:45 & 6:45 AM) and you'll see some sweet fall ideas as well as great snacks to make with apples (post coming soon).  I'm also thinking I should bring in a hot glue gun for Grant Weyman (the weather guy) and see what he can do with it! ;)

Each of the projects I am about to show you will have a simple "how to" tutorial that will be posted on a different day this week.  (I'm crazy, but crazy enough to put them all in one post!:)

This burlap banner literally took 5 minutes & a hot glue gun.  Perfect for a door, mantle, or fence...of course. :)

These frames are so easy and you can interchange them for each season!  Here's to not reinventing the wheel!

Spice up that kitchen will a touch of fall fun!  I've posted a tutorial on these cute dish drying towels before, but now I've made it even easier...and added dish rags.

And after all of that decoration we'll need an apple snack for sure!  I'll be posting ideas and recipes using those awesome apples that are in season and I'm sure it will put a smile on your face! 

I guess fall is here.  Let's make the best of it!

XOXO-Emily aka Toad

5232 Front Porch

Today as I took a bite of a sweet juicy piece of watermelon I realized it was probably one of the last good ones I'd have until next year.  Ah. Darn it.  Summer and I always have a hard time saying goodbye and this year is no exception.  

Of course when I look back through my pictures from the summer my heart is heavy.  I wanted to find one for this week's photo link up over at Simple As That and had a hard time picking one.  (And I also realized how much I need to start blogging a big more frequently to keep up with my pictures!)  

I ended up with this one.  Its the view from my parent front porch in Oregon.  The Marion Berries in the field across the street had been picked and the front lawn had just been mowed.  As kids we used to watch for the bus in the distance so we'd know when to walk to the end of the driveway to catch it. (Yes, when you have 3 kids getting on the bus at once you get your own bus stop.:)

So here it is. "5232" is the numbers of my parents house.  It represents my childhood and now the great summers I get to spend there with my own kids.  It may just look like some land to you, but its something simply special to this Toad.  Enjoy. 


Easy Free Owl Pattern and Tutorial by Emily Ashby

{Trey's EASY Owl | DIY Stuffed Owl}
Hang onto your hats and grab your scissors all of your sewing makers out there! This is the easiest, quickest, and cutest owl epattern and tutorial around!   These cute owls make great owl pillows or plushies for anyone! (Super for babies because there are no choking hazards!)

Or maybe you are looking for a great DIY baby shower gift, owl decor, or sweet little project for a rainy afternoon?  Here you go! I created this owl epattern for you! ;)

Side Bar...The owl was named after Trey= My sweet nephew with flaming red hair. (TreyandLucy)

cute stuffed owl pattern

cute owl pattern Pottery Barn inspired

easy free stuffed owl pattern

{Owl Epattern}

Cute owl Pattern

EPattern plus a Mini-Book Option
My free pattern and tutorial is posted below...

but if you'd like it in booklet form so you can print it out for yourself or for a gift I have that option too! 

It is a 6 page step by step color picture tutorial that includes even more pictures and tips for making this cute plushie!

You just download, print, cut, staple, and love it forever.  (For more info you can click here.)

Buy Now $2.50 (Immediate Download)

Alright, enough talk. Let's get sewing!

{Trey's EASY Owl Pattern & Tutorial}
{Feel free to share your creations, just be sure to link back! I love to see them! :)}

owl pillow gift

Step 1: Download and print out the pattern pieces

owl pattern

baby shower gift idea

{Go Crazy!}
Please feel free to make as many owls as you like from my pattern for your personal use! If you show them off on your blog please be sure to link back--I'd love to see them!
{You can add your sweet creation to the comments or my "link party" at the end of the post too!}

{Sell 'Em}
If you'd like to make and sell a few of these precious owls that's no problem! Just purchase the Commercial Use License in my Etsy shop for $12.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Love, Emily aka Toad
Instagram: @emilyashby.2016

+Emily Ashby

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