Great Tailgating Products For Football Games!

{Tailgating Products}
We are well into football season here in Utah and our teams are doing pretty well! How about your favorite teams?!

Today on KSL at Noon I'll be sharing some great tailgating products that will  make your experience even more yummy! Great food is a staple for a great football party!

Who doesn't love a good coleman grill! You use one when you go camping...why not add a killer grill to your tailgating party

 And look how portable it is!
Here are a few more great features! 

  • This is the perfect grill for tailgating, picnics, or even for use in your backyard 
  • Portable grill sets up in seconds 
  • Easy to transport, folds to compact size with large handle and wheels for easy pulling 
  • Authentic grilling taste, open-flame drip-through grilling, large grill space
  • Easy-to-clean 
  • Provides steady heat, even in the cold! 
  • Propane-powered, InstaStart™ Technology for matchless lighting 

  • Retail Price: $189.99 at

    {Portable Table}
    Finally a picnic table that is easy to transport anywhere you go! This great table is from a site call American Tailgater and is just one of many great products!

    A few great features...

    • Easy to fold up and take with you!
    • Folds up into an easy carry container with a a travel handle
    • Has a hole in the middle so you can add an umbrella to block the sun 

    Retail price: $79.99

    And you have to bring your camera to every awesome tailgating party to capture those memories! Camera Coats make it easy to protect your camera while its around your neck or thrown into your purse or bag of food! 

     A few more features of Camera Coats;

    • Easy to travel with!
    • The sturdy buckle attaches to your camera strap so you won't lose it!
    • Strong Velcro closure keeps your DSLR nice and cozy

    Add some great food and you're well on your way to a great tailgating party! Have fun! 

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