Early Crop...For Us Anyway

{We vs U}
When you go to get berries at a U-pick field in Oregon you bring your own bucket.  They weight it {and you;)} and send you out into the fields to pick to your hearts content.  When you're finished picking, they weight your bucket again, you pay, and you're on your merry way.

While in Carlsbad last month Ethan and I were giddy to see that there was a U-pick sign just down the hill from Legoland!  So the next day boys and I headed out for one our favorite...and usually summertime...activities...

It didn't take long for us to realize that we weren't in Oregon.  Usually its cheaper to pick your own berries than buy them in the store, but not here.  Does anyone else just smell "rip off" while visiting the great state of Cali?  Maybe its just the way it is around theme parks.  Darn it.

We definitely paid for the experience. 

In fact, it was $1 less to just buy them at the stand than to pick them ourselves...and the ones at the stand were alot prettier than the ones we picked! Check them out {below}!

Here's game for ya...guess how much it cost to pick our round container full of berries?   Watch for the answer during the post.:)

But this was our adventure... so we went for it.

See that yellow caution tape?  We weren't suppose to pick on the other side of it.  Ethan stayed on the right side of the field, but Aidan?

We could play "Where's Waldo Aidan?"

After a "time out" or two I thought he was actually going to stay with us.

He walked down the row next to the one I was on and sat down.  I thought he was eating berries, but no.

He had found a mud puddle of who-knows-what, taken off his shoes, and decided it would be great time to poop.   Really? Really Aidan?!  I think the only thing that could make it worse was if he started to throw up.

Normally I try to hand this dirty, poopy kid off to daddy, but since Bob wasn't with us I went over by the portipotty {how in the heck to you spell that anyway?} layed him on one of those awesome changing pads I made, and got down to business.  Its a good thing I love that kid so much!!

And Ethan?  Well, he is the best sport I know, and filled that container to the brim.

But despite our mishaps...the berries were huge, it was sunny, and we had a great time. 

Answer: $17 for that bucket.  CRAZY.  And I'm crazy for paying it.

So there you have it. 

Next time we do a u-pick we'll be in Oregon...for sure.   Oh, and I'll be sure that Bob is with us.:)

Have a great weekend!  We're heading out to brave camping in this unpredictable weather...should be quite an adventure.  Whatever you do...be safe & try not to get ripped off.;)


Ashby Overload

{Keepin' It Real}
Sometimes people ask me, "Why don't you get some sponsors for your blog?" 

And I say,
"For now... I don't want to be obligated to blog...I don't want to have to blog about certain topics...I don't want to post a silly little useless project because I feel pressure to keep people happy... I want to have the freedom to be creative and do whatever I want without having to worry or answer to anyone."   This is my creative, fun, family outlet.

Now that's a mouthful. 

I know most people separate their personal blogs from their "creative" blogs, but since I can barely keep up with this little blog what you see is what you get.;)  Yet another reason I don't have advertisers...I need to be able to have personal posts like this. 

No, I don't really worry about stalkers or weirdo's seeing our family.  My husband is a computer guy by trade and he tells me that if people want to find info they can get anything on anyone...and the blogging world is so saturated online that the odds are really low that something would happen.  So, lucky you!:)

Now, with all of this being said...get ready from some Ashby overload these next few posts.  You know how camera crazy I am.  Professional?  Nope.  Wild momagrapher. Yes.:)

So with no further ado, here's to playing picture catchup with May's adventures!

{California Love}

I think the my passion for the CA coast {or any coast really} is something I can't really explain. Maybe its because Toad's love water {:)} or maybe I'm like most people and love the beach, but I just can't get enough.  My Dad grew up in Southern Cal so it must just run through my veins.  And its definitely been passed onto the boys...

That's what I get for trying to "pose" a picture of Ethan.  A mini Peter-Pan...

This kid couldn't have been in better spirits than at the beach.    He is a man of the wild.  The daily aggression and frustration that comes from not being able to communicate clearly takes its toll...on both of us.   {He's about 6-9 months behind in his verbal skills. Another story for another day...but his speech therapist has helped immensely}

The other day I was saying goodbye to Ethan as we sent in off to school and in return he plainly said, "Have fun with Aidan yelling at you all day!"

Running, throwing rocks, digging, running, sliding, wading, running...without restriction...yes, this was his element.

{Little Things}
Yes, I drink it...but not everyday...anymore.;)  We all know that its not good for us.  This was a special little "trip treat"...and if you like the DC you can appreciate this...

Ever wonder how I tweek my pictures?  They are these great little things called "Actions".  The Pioneer Woman does a great job explain them.  I use Photoshop Elements and I love it.

{Our Luke}
Ethan asked me to take this one.  Evidently he is posing as Luke.  I guess in the movie he stands like this when he was watches his 2 moons set.   :)



{Tour of Legoland}
This post is dedicated to 2 of the most Lego-loving people I have ever met...
 My brother Peter and my little man Ethan.  

Me: "Ethan, would you rather go to Disneyland or Legoland."
Ethan: "LEGOLAND!"

Stars Wars + Legoland = heaven on earth for my 6 year old

Pete, we have to plan a trip for next year...once your baby #2 is here!

And so it is. 

Sit back and get ready to see more legos than you'll ever knew even existed...;)

{Lego Love}

Okay, I have to admit, I loved this Ewok village built in the trees.

{Hittin' the Road}

{Apple Fries}
Highly recommended.

{Lego WaterPark}
Opened last year.  Who doesn't love a good water slide?

Ethan couldn't get enough of the lifeguard games...

and Aidan couldn't get enough of the sand.

{Treasure Hunting}
Cousin Trey, you have to do it. You just have to.  They don't let you keep the treasures you find, but you do get a cool medal instead.


When will Disney get it?  This is what we do while we wait in lines for rides.  The lines typically wind around the legos so parents can watch their kids and get them right before they get on the ride.  Brilliant. Thank-you Legoland.

Although a little ride-shy, this 2 1/2 had the time of his life.   He loved running around, riding trains & planes, playing in water, yelling at us, & being with his dad.

Love ya Legoland.

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