Teacher Gift Ideas + Printable

 {We {heart} Teachers}

{Memory Boxes via Paper Coterie}
When our favorite teacher told me she was putting little notes from the kids in a paper bag I knew I had to intervene...

and this was the best answer!

These memory boxes rock!

And Paper Coterie is having a super deal right now! Get 50% off! Code: CelebrateDad

{Customized Journals}
And teacher or not...who wouldn't love one of these!

{Thanks Printable}
And here's a free printable for you to use in any way you'd like to! Super simple.

Click here for download.

Thanks to all of you great teacher out there!!

Sweet Teacher Appreciation Gifts

{Paper Coterie}
Yes, love them...and Paper Coterie has a discount code for 50% off for you!
Code: Celebrate Dad!

More about these great customized journals and memory boxes coming!

{Thanks Printable}

More coming! :) 

May Flower Power Picts

Wondering what to do with those awesome pictures of May flowers that you've taken? Here you go!

#1 Give them away!
Shopping for my mother-in-law can be tricky, so last year I thought I'd do something a little bit different.  She is an avid gardening woman & spends hours in her yard with her plants.  When these tulips came up last year I snapped a snot, stuck it in a little dollar store frame, wrapped it with a ribbon, and gave it to her on Mother's Day.  

She's still talking about it.  

Mother's Day may be past, but maybe a birthday is coming...? ;)

#2  Make a Book!

Paper Coterie is one of my favorite paper product places...and they did not pay me to say that! :) Making a journal, planner, or notebook are super easy & cute.  Putting a flower collage onto the cover of journal would be a great way to save the pictures!


#3 Share 'Em!

Show us your "flower power" pictures here!  Feel free to link up to our flower party to inspire others with your awesome photos!

Happy linking!


Top 5 Reasons Why

Ah, to be a mother.  Whether you have your own kids or if you've wiped a kids nose in the last day...there is nothing like loving and nurturing little ones. 

Today I would like to share my current top 5 reasons I love being a mom.  

Being a mom makes me always on my "A" game. I never know when a pirate or a swordsman will sneak up on me!

It doesn't matter what I wear...or what they wear...we still love each other. :)

There is never a dull moment...unless the kids are sleeping.:)

I get to learn patience...whether I want to or not.

I never knew I could love little people so much.  My heart has been opened in ways I never knew...and I'll never be the same because it.

And you know me...so last minute.  And I'll be sharing some last minute Mother's Day ideas tomorrow on Fresh Living Ch 2 in SLC as well as on the blog.  See you soon!

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