Little moments...

Although Bob may appear a rough and tough football coach, those that know him realize that he also has a great heart. Tonight as we watched American Idol we both had tears as we watched a sight impaired contestant blow the judges away. (Sappy I know, but if you saw it you know what I'm talking was touching. I especially loved the way his brother reacted when he got the yellow ticket:)

Then while in this somber state we started talking about this man in NYC who jumped in front of a subway train to save a stranger who had fallen on the tracks while having a seizure. This was an inspiring story & I hope I would have done the same.
Here he is on Letterman...I like this clip because you see the personality of this hero. (Its also pretty funny.)

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Tanya said...

oh man that video was great! i seriously had a much needed laugh this morning while watching that.

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