Go Ethan!

Ethan jumped off the 10 ft diving board at a local pool last week! He's been jumping off the lower board for a while, but once he saw this "big" one I don't think he could resist. Everytime he goes to jump I hear people saying, "Check out the little man! He's going to jump!" He really does look so little up there. At first it made the lifeguards nervous (& me too), but he actually makes decent time to the side of the pool & he loves it. Not bad for a 3 1/2 year old!:)

If you listen closely as he jumps you can hear him say, "To infinity & beyond!":)

Memories of you & me

1. Add a comment of a memory you have of the two of us together. It doesn't matter if you know me very well or just a little, it can be anything. It can be a recent memory or from way back. Once you leave a comment I will assume you are playing too.
2. Add these instructions to your own post and wait for the memories to start rolling in.

(Ethan actually took this picture at Matt's wedding in May...:) I don't have any recent photos...I have too much self respect to torture myself like that.)

Simple Gestures

Today I am very grateful for simple gestures.
#1 Last night my aunt Diane called and offered to watch Ethan so Bob and I could go to the Temple and grab a bite to eat together. Bob and I haven't had a "date night" for a while, and I'm looking foward to it before our little one comes and rocks our world.

#2 Last night Bob got his work clothes all ready so that this morning he wouldn't disturb my sleep (every moment counts when I get up 5-10 times a night to pee):). The past few days he's also been great about not leaving anything on the floor so I don't have to bend over to pick them up. A simple thing, but it makes my day!!

#3 Today I was getting ready to fill the car with gas at Costco and an employee saw me (and probably had a great deal of pity watching me in the 99 degree heat with a full belly) and told me to get back in the car and he would pump my gas for me. It was such a simple gesture, but I was so appreciative.

#4 This morning my sister in law called and left a message telling me that the shoes I'd been wanting to get Ethan (but haven't gotten around to it) were on sale at the Nordstroms 1/2 yearly sale. Thank you Tanya!! Ethan little toes have been bleeding all summer and these should help! He's wearing his new green shoes as we speak and says he "loves them."

Little gestures. I hope that I can think of others like these people thought to help me. Thank-you!!

Oregon Trip July 2008

Here are some highlight pictures from our trip. We had fun time & it was nice to get out of the Utah heat!

My favorite picture from Oregon

Its about 11 PM and I can't sleep. We got back from Oregon about 7 PM tonight and it is hot! We turned off the AC while we were gone and when we walked in the door the thermometer read 97. So upstairs had to be about 120! Needless to say I can't sleep so here I am blogging. I figured I'd do a "mini post" and just share my favorite picture from our vacation to Oregon. (I'll post more when I get a chance- it was a great trip!)

Our favorite hotel at the coast is right on the beach which makes it perfect to have a bonfire! I can't remember what made Ethan & Trey laugh so hard (I think it had something to do with "Uncle Fravie"...), but I think their smiles are priceless. Roasting marshmellows (and eating about 20 unroasted ones too), pant legs rolled up, sand between their toes, & just enjoying life together. I love summer.

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