The Girlfriend Apron Tutorial

{The Girlfriend Apron}

Are you your husband's girlfriend? If you listen to Dr. Laura you know exactly what I'm talking about. Often when women call in complaining about their husbands Dr. Laura will ask them, "Are you your husband's girlfriend?" Pretty much, are you treating him like you did when you were dating or do you just nag and de-masculate him with your behavior. I think its a brilliant question.

So in honor of Dr. Laura I am naming this apron, "The Girlfriend Apron".

It is my hope that we will all make ourselves feel "cuter" in the kitchen with one of these cute reversible aprons. Then we can put on a little lip gloss and have a nice meal ready for our loving men who work so hard for us. {Notice I say WE. Heaven knows I'm writing this for myself as well!}

Okay, don't get me wrong---I am not playing down the importance of the woman at home, but I do think we should treat those we love the most the BEST! So here it is. And as you may also know, this is the final project in my Mother's Day Trifecta. What mother and/or grandmother wouldn't want a thoughtful gift {like this easy apron} made by you?!

There are a million aprons out there, but this one was SO simple to make I that I had to share it with you. Here is one I made for my friend Janeen---front, back, and the ties...

So you see the goods, now you can go for it.


This pattern is basically 2 main pieces of material put together with bias tape sewn all around it. Yes, that's it.

If you don't know what bias tape is, you can scroll down in this post and it might help.

Hopefully this tutorial makes sense and is easy enough for the most "rookie" of us all---like me!:)


The Girlfriend Reversible Apron by Toad aka Emily:)

For the apron I made in the tutorial I used the following:

  • 2 main pieces of complimentary fabric {20X15"} for the front and back

  • 2 more pieces of complimentary fabric for the homemade "bias tape" {3X21"} on the top and bottom

  • 1 inch single fold bias tape for the sides and the apron strings {at least 3 yds}


And you know it---I'm going to give this little apron away! I LOVED your last comments about your favorite blogs {it was great to find a few new fun places to visit!}. This time--in honor of Mother's Day--- I want to hear who your all-time favorite woman figure is.

So if you want to be in the drawing just leave a comment and tell me who that special lady is in your life and why you love her. {I know you could write an essay, but pick just one thing that sticks out!} Maybe we can all learn a thing or two. :)

Can't wait to hear about these inspiring women you love. Catch ya later!

Mini-Mitts are COOL

{What is Cool?}

You know when you think something is really great and that everyone will think so too? That happens to me quite often...but what I'm finding out is that I may not be as cool as I think.:) {Yes, Tanya--this post stems from the conversation we just had.}

My jaw is still dropped that so many people have downloaded my "Trey Owl Pattern"--last time I checked it was almost 700. Whoa. I know. I can't even imagine 700 stuffed owls let alone think of the great crafters who made them! {I'd love to see them though--how fun would that be!} And I thought it was cute, but I didn't realize that it would be so cool! Hmmm.

And now here's my last post-- the mini-mitts. I thought they were totally "awesome".:) I realize that I can't judge my mitts by the number of people who liked them enough to leave a comment, but I thought they were so cool! Ahhh. I guess I may need a cool coach after all...

Bless the 8 of you who left a sweet comment about the Mini-Mitts. I think you guys are totally cool. If I had the time I would love make you each a set of mini-mitts. Really, I would.

But for now I must annouce the lucky gal who won a set of mitts!

{Tania wins!}

Yes, picked Tania over at SuperQT on the Hill as our winner! I just went and checked out her blog and became a follower! She just started her blog and I think its off to a great start--she's having a cute giveaway to celebrate her new beginning so you should stop by if you get the chance. Congrats Tania!

{"The Girlfriend" Reversible Apron}

And yes, the final product of my Mother's Day Trifecta will be coming VERY soon. And yes, I think its cool.;) And yes, I'll explain the name when I post the tutorial.:)

Oh...and the boys say Hi!

love ya later!

Oven "Mini-Mitt" pattern&tutorial

Are you ready for an EASY, FUN little project just in time for mother's day? These little mini oven mitts will be sure to put a smile on that face of yours! {Or if not the oven mitt, you have to make these YUMMY bread twists sometime--that should do the trick!}

{Background} As usual I have to tell you the method behind my madness. I'm sure you're thinking, what in the world is a mini oven mitt?! Well, let me explain...

I was trying to make an oval oven mitt from a tutorial I found and it turned out so crappy I won't even show you a picture. However, I did learn a few things from the experience:

1) You can buy the "padding" aka a heat resistant material called Insul Bright--for the inside of an oven mitt at your fabric store! I didn't know this. I just asked the Joann's lady and she had it behind the counter and you can get it by the yard! {Don't ask me why it was behind the counter...maybe its worth more than we think!;)}

2)Rectangles are MUCH easier to sew than ovals or circles. Seriously. And much less frustrating. {Right Janeen?:)}

3)Making bias tape isn't too bad! If you're wondering what Bias Tape is I hear ya. A year ago I had no idea what it was, but I'm think it pretty cool stuff now!

The picture below should give you and idea. As far I can tell you use it around edges to make a "clean" look. You can get it at your local fabric store. 4) I thought making a smaller oven mitt would be cute, fun, and practical. However, I do have to tell you that if you or someone in your kitchen has larger hands this mini-mitt may not be the best idea. But don't you fret. I included a "regular" size pattern for the oven mitt as well. {I know, you love me.:)}

So, with out further ado---here you go!

Oven Mini-Mitt's

By Emily at

Grab these goodies:

  • Fabric {See the pattern for how much you will need}
  • Bias Tape {You can either buy or make it for this pattern. I used both.}
  • Insul-Bright or another heat-proof material for the inside of the mitt

Just print out the pattern & and off we go!

If you like it, let me know! I'll be giving away a set just in time for Mother's Day! To enter the drawing leave a comment and tell me the name of your favorite blog. If you want to add the link that would be fun too. {Yes, I have ulterior motives! I want to see the cool places to visit these days!;)}

See you soon!

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