Table Topics & Other Great Conversation Starters for Any Gathering!

{Gather together}
Getting ready for the holidays can be so exciting!  The food, the lights, the hugs from those you've missed.  But what do you do once everyone arrives?  Whether you are gathering a group that has known each other for years or just meeting for the 1st time its always a good to have an idea or two that can bring everyone together!

Don't worry! I'm here to help! Here are some super ideas that will surely help you in your quest for a successful gathering.

#1: Table Topics.  

These are the best little square boxes you'll ever see.  They are full of questions on a variety of topics!  I picked the "Family Gathering" and "Infomania-Family" editions to highlight although there are a number of options to choose from.  (Including: Foodie, Sports, Heroes, Not Your Moms Dinner Party, etc.)

These are perfect for asking casual questions or dividing up into teams and seeing who really knows what!  The "Infomia" is loaded with questions and then stats to back them up...they are definitely thought provoking and are sure to start a lively conversation!  $25.


Table Topics was also voted Product of the Year by the Creative Child Awards for 2013!  NICE! 

#2 Family Topics | Party Topics = Sweet Place Cards

Place Cards are the "norm" for a get together, but if you want to really spice up the party add these awesome cards! Each one has a question that is a perfect way to get to those at your party or family gathering talking!  No stress.  It will happen on its own!  (Of course you could always make it a know how we all love those!) $12.50

#3 Guess Who?
This is a simple game, but can really get things rolling. As each person comes to the party/gathering have a pen and little pieces of paper ready!  Ask each person to write down something unique about themselves...maybe even something that no one else knows!  

Then when you are ready (around the dinner table, gathering in the front room, etc) read each piece of paper and have everyone guess who it is!  This is a really great way to bring people together whether they are meeting for the 1st time or have known each other for years! 

#4 Photo Albums
Yes, dust off those photo books and put them on that coffee table!  Any type of memory book will photo books, scrap books, or even old school yearbooks!   (At one get together with some old friends one of them actually brought an old report card and we had quite a good laugh!  Some of those classes we used to take were great:)) 

This is especially fun if you bring out old pictures of people who are attending your gathering.  Yes, pull out those big 80's hair and baby pictures!!

Whether you are gather your family, friends, or both they are sure to have a great time with a little preparation! Now let's go have ourselves some great conversations! 


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