Happy Birthday Marge!

Its my little sister Margo's birthday today! For those that don't know her she is 3 years younger than me & is a very amazing gal.

I was thinking about all of the great times we've had together...
  • growing up & playing the "guess the letter" game on eachothers backs at night
  • housesitting together (the Wadsworths poor grass)
  • as roommates at BYU & beyond (eating Freshetta's pizza & playing vball all of the time!)
  • doing triathlons & that volleyball tournament in Park City (we were so sore!!)
  • going to concerts (does this song sound familiar?)
  • NYC to see Les Miserables
  • making the video to get on the Amazing Race. (Still waiting to hear back...:)
  • San Fran to play with Matt & Kunkel...also bunging jumping together at Six flags!
  • And especially all of the other trips we took together. We traveled all over the East Coast, Hawaii, Cali, Zions, Oregon coast (who knows how many times), & lots of other fun places --and even though we may have had some disagreements along the way we had some great times road tripping:).




Hawaii (with little pineapple plants)


The Sacred Grove, NY

So here's to Marge! The Thai speaking, marathon running, super singing, special ed & aerobics teaching, super duper aunt & sister. Love ya.


Janette said...

Oh I love margo. She is a great gal tell her happy birthday!

Traci Jagels said...

Margo is so beautiful! She's always been soo fun! Thanks for sharing your memories with her with all of us!!! Happy Birthday to Margo!!!

swtelford said...

Wow, she's so cute! And so grown up...funny how people just stay the same age in your mind when you don't see them forever.

K, the deleted comments on my blog...I know one was from me, cause I was signed on as Ryan so I had to change it to me. I think the other one was a repeat, so she just deleted it. Nothing too controversial.:)

I'm scared to join facebook. But, it's on my to do list. I will do it...sometime!

Next time I'm in UT, we should totally get together. It was such a whirlwind adventure last time...

Colleen said...

Emily, Margo adn I are together and this is adorable, from all of us! That is a very nice thing to do on her birthday.

Brian said...

I have always thoughts that girls need a sister!! There is nothing else like it. Except maybe having the bond of two brothers?!
-I will one day try and set up a facebook account or what needs to happen. I am like the only one who is not participating in this already. I know I must live in a cave! Did you find your phone?

Tanya said...

we love you margo! happy birthday. thanks for all the good times!

Julia said...

Hi Emily,
This is Julia Nicolaysen from FOREVER ago. I stumbled onto your blog a few months ago and have enjoyed seeing what the Smith family is up to today. What a cute family you have! Please tell Margo I said hi and happy birthday. I have really fun memories of playing with you guys back in the day.

Unknown said...

Julia!! Wow!! Hi! Marge will be thrilled to hear from you! Here's my email...emilyjanshby@yahoo.com

Email me and I'll get you connected with Marge.

Hope you are well!

Andrea said...

Love you so much Margo. Miss you tons!

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