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2 days ago the boys and I returned from 2 months on the road having a wild adventure.  Details will be coming to the blog soon, but in the mean time KSL was ready for me to do a TV segment on Back to School Products.  Say what?! 

My heart hurt a little watching friends and family all over the country posting those pictures of their kids on the 1st day of school.  Could summer really be coming to an end? Not for this Toad.  We have a few weeks until school starts & will be be living up every second. :) 

In the mean time...if I have to think about school coming...finding these great products eases the transition back & I think you'll like them!

So, here you go!  Great products for school...
(You can catch me talking about these on KSL CH 5 at 5:15 and 6:15 AM Friday August 15.)

1).  Clever Crates Folding Utility Boxes (

These little crates can be so compact and then simply pop up for use! Clever and practical. Great for a dorm room or any student that needs a bit of organization in the back of their car. 

Company Product Description:

Pop'em up, fold'em down, Clever Crates are the smartest, easiest way to
organize and transport household items. Perfect for transporting a college
student's items from home to dorm and keeping them organized and easily
portable at school.  The secret is the unique lightweight and collapsible
lift, pop and pack design that creates a spacious container that can be
folded, stacked and stored away almost anywhere.  It is the perfect tool for
space-saving and efficient storage.

Retail Price: $11.99 - $19.99 depending on size 

#2 Sachi Fashion Lunch Handbags (

If you're looking for a lunch bag that doesn't look as much like a lunch bag here you go!  Packing a lunch just got hip, easy, and fun!

Company Product Description:

Sachi Lunch Handbags are insulated, fashionable lunch bags, great for school
or work. Stylish and roomy enough to double as a handbag, while effectively
keeping food hot or cold as desired. Easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.
Handles fold down for easy fit in the refrigerator. Zips closed and handles
fold down to the sides so that you may lay it flat, allowing for easy
refrigerator storage. Comes in a variety of styles and colors. 

Retails: $9.99 - $25.99

#3 Sound Oasis White Noise Machine (

I wish I could have had one of these in college!  Who knows, maybe I would have gotten bit more shut eye and higher test scores. :)

I love having white noise everywhere we go & I love sleep. :) This handy little noise maker from Oasis is the best little thing for every family.  If you kids going to bed at different times during the school year this is a great way to drown out noise around the house.  Happy bedtime! 

Company Product Description:

The Sound Oasis White Noise Machine is the ultimate version on the market,
with patent pending white noise generation technology that provides 10
different white noise sound options for perfect tone selection and strong 3"
speaker for high quality sound.  The Sound Oasis has a sound range and
adjustability more than double other products on the market, allowing many
more users to find a white noise frequency that works for them.  Perfect for
dorm room use to block out noise from outside, common areas and other rooms.

Retail: $49.99

#4  Sound Oasis Pillow Speakers (

If you want to listen to something other than white noise to catch some zzzzz's or ease a bit of stress, these little speakers are great.  You just stick them under or to the sides of your pillow and then connect your favorite tunes via phone or mp3 player!  Great for any student ready to relax.

The Sound Oasis Pillow Speakers allow users to enjoy their favorite music or
sounds in optimal relaxation and comfort.  They are high fidelity,
ultra-thin stereo speakers that can be positioned under or in the core of
any pillow, allowing users to surround their head with sound for enhanced
therapy or privacy.  Just use its 73 inch cord to plug in any 3.5 mm plug
compatible iPod/MP3 player, CD player, television, radio, computer/laptop or
Sound Oasis sound therapy system and enjoy.  Includes in-line volume

Retail: $22.99

#5 Nufoot (

Slippers for the dorm are a must!  These little washable slippers are a great way to keep your feet protected from anything and everything you may encounter.  They are cute and comfy. 

Nufoot is the first and only neoprene footwear, great for use in dorms and
around campus.  Waterproof, super-stretchy, easy to clean and sturdy enough
to wear every day.  Additional features include ergonomic designs and
anti-skid soles.  Comes in multiple sizes and colors. 

Retail:  $9.99/pair
+Emily Ashby +Emily Ashby

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