Camera Bag for Women, Perfect for Summer Travel

There are only a few hours left, but I had to share this great deal with you!

Camera Coats + GroopDealz = Happy Cameras!

If you've ever left your camera behind because it "too much trouble" you must stop and listen.  (We all know how big and bulky traditional camera bags can be!) Camera Coats are the perfect solution...they are slim, waterproof, padded and ready to go whether you do. Seriously.

Now you can throw your camera into your carry on bag, purse, or hang it around your neck without worry! Never miss capturing that special memory with your camera again.

GroopDealz is offering 40% off for only a few more hours. If you miss the deal be sure to email me at & we'll see what I can do for faithful reader! :)

Watch for new styles and great deals here:

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Now, go for it! Summer is calling and your camera wants to capture it!
+Emily Ashby

Easy DIY Summer Party Ideas on KSL

{Summer Party Tips For Any Gathering}
Thank-you summer.  Thank-you for bring the warmth of the sun, the cool of the pool, and the smell of the BBQ grill.

My fondest memories of childhood happened in the summertime. Family gatherings, beach trips, camping, picking berries...I think you all probably have similar feelings about summer. Now that I'm the "grown up" planning the event schedule for the summer I want my kids to love it as much as I did so I love to make each activity as easy and fun as possible.  

Over the years I have learned a few things about a having a successful summer party & I'm going to share a few of my favorite party activities with you! You will also be able to catch me on KSL Ch 5 in Salt Lake City (NBC affiliate) at 5:45 AM tomorrow morning talking about these fun ideas! 

{Easy Ideas for Any Outdoor Party}

Toad's Gathering Tip: Whether I'm in charge of a big family reunion or just getting together with friends,  I always like to have a little something ready to keep everyone busy and happy.  (For some great reunion ideas you can see my grandpa's 95th birthday party. My siblings, their wives, and my cousins are pretty amazing and had some pretty great things prepared!) 

Here are some of my most recent favorite summer party activities that are super easy, but have been big hits!

{Water Bottle Labels}

Bottle labels are the easiest way I know to add a little "party" to any party! 4th of July, sports team party, family reunions, name it, you can do it! These "Summer Party" printables are available from this previous post. Ah, I love summer. 

Sports Team Parties are another fun place to feature labels!

{Home Cotton Candy Machine}
Yes, a homemade cotton candy machine.  For Aidan's 5th birthday party last summer I ordered one off of Amazon for $40 and it was the hit of the party.  This is not the fastest cotton candy maker, but for a small crowd its a great fit. (If you have more than 15-20 people I would probably rent a big one.)

Joke: How many brother's does it take to make a serving of cotton candy? Answer: See picture below :)

{Water Fight Featuring Sponges!}
The staple of any summer fun is to have some sort of water fight.  If you don't want to worry about kids getting mad or hurt try these...sponges! They hold water you they make a good impact on your victim, but they don't hurt.  Another easy tip for any summer party

{DIY Huge Bubbles!}
Best ideas for any party. Seriously. Kids both young and old have the best time with these giant bubbles! Plus they are so easy to make!

These bubble makers are made of straws and string. Our ancestors would be proud. 

Yahoo! So fun! This was another hit at Aidan's birthday party last summer. Loved it.

Bubble Recipe
6 cups of water
1/2 cup blue Dawn dish detergent
1/2 cup corn starch
1 TBL baking powder
1 TBL Glycerine

Add all of the ingredients together and mix gently. Let set overnight.  Have the time of your life!

{Homemade Snow Cone Machine!}
Need I say more? Long gone are the days of the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine. Man, I love that thing as a kid...but boy was it SLOW!

This little gem makes cooling off in the summer so easy.  I don't know anyone who doesn't appreciate a snow cone.  Even my dad who is diabetic and make a nice slushy, put sugar-free syrup on it, and enjoy a treat with the rest of us!

Amazon: $25

{Happy Summer}
Whatever you do this summer...make it a fun adventure! Life's too short not to enjoy the simple things...right?!

XOXO, Toady
+Emily Ashby

Wasatch Front Farmer's Market with Camera Coats and more!

{4-H Days}
I guess it was only a matter of time.  Maybe its those crazy memories of those hot summer days showing pigs and sheep at the County Fair, wandering around the booths with handmade goods from hard working locals, or maybe even dating a farmer or two back in the day. :) {Who doesn't love a good, hard working farm boy!} 

Well...whatever the reason...I couldn't resist joining the amazing Wasatch Front Farmer's Market this summer! 

My cute friend MaryAnn started the market a few years back and it has just grown and grown! You might remember my little post about our visit to the market last summer. I loved it. From the apple farmer's breaking apples in half with their bare hands to making butter out of cream...I couldn't get enough.  I guess it isn't much a surprise that I wanted to join in on all of the fun. :)

Camera Coats and our newly formed sister company "Saltwater Bags" will at the Gardner Village location starting tomorrow! You locals will know who where it is. Come see us and bring your camera...we'll give you a great deal if you mention this post!

And don't worry...if you don't have any cowboy boots its okay. Really. The city folk are totally welcome. See you soon!

Your Urban Farm Girl...

+Emily Ashby

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