Happy Birthday Bob!

Today marks Bob's 35th year. So, I thought I'd celebrate with a a little poem.

Ode to Bob

Bob is turning 35-
Yes, we're glad he's still alive.

He works so hard to do his best,
(So I hope this year he makes less of a mess.)

The boys love him dearly and he makes them smile-
But I wouldn't try to mimick his computer tech fashion style.:)

His understanding of football leaves other coaches amazed,
Though he can't remember where he put his keys most days.

We are so blessed to have such a great guy
Leading our family as each year goes by.

Happy Birthday honey!


Tanya said...

happy birthday bob! we sure love ya! i think lucy is your biggest fan!

the Skips said...

Marc's birthday is next week. I am inspired! Do you mind if i copy this idea????? :)

melissa merrill said...

That was sooo cute! It makes life great having a good man around doesn't it.

Christi said...

Happy Birthday Bob! How fun - Jared's birthday is the 14th, so it's so close to his!

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