Welcome Greyson Smith!!

Congrats to Peter and Mary! My brother Peter and his wife Mary had their 1st baby today! His name is Greyson and weighed 6 lbs 10 oz. I can't wait to see pictures of him. We are so happy for them!

I'm Going to Be A Big Brother!

Yes, as many of you may know I'm pregnant. We are excited to have another little Ashby join us at the end of the summer. I'm 13 weeks along...and its been a very long pregnancy-especially the past 7 weeks. (I clearly remember how bad it was with Ethan and put this off as long as we could!:) I've been extremely sick and in bed most of the time. But thanks to my dad and bob's help (and Tanya's phone support)I got through the worst of it and am starting to emerge to the living again.

As you can imagine, Ethan is very excited about the whole thing. At first he kept telling me to get the baby out so he could play with it. Now he just puts his ear to my tummy and says, "What baby? You want to tell me a knock knock joke? That's funny!" or "Mom, the baby says its hungry." Yesterday he went to the Dr. with me and heard the baby's heartbeat. Later Bob was asking him what it sounded like and Ethan said, "A train." (Which is farely accurate!:)

Love that Bob!

I thought it would be fun for Valentine's Day to put something special on the blog for Bob. He really is a great guy and we love him. Thanks for everything Bob! Happy Valentines Day!!

*For a little musical treat click on the play button at the top of the page. Bob and I have different tastes in music, but we both like this song and it brings back great memories for us!:)

Ethan's Pledge

Ethan has been begging me to get him a flag. So we figured out a way for him to earn it and he did. When we brought it home he started to rattle off the Pledge of Alligence! We didn't even know that he knew it...kudos to preschool! God bless America!

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