{Sweet Littles}
Could they be any cuter?!

All it takes is a few little acorn hats that have fallen off the tree by the bus stop...

and a few felted wool balls made in Nepal.   Welcome Fall.

I'm totally diggin' these.
{Thanks for the sweet balls & the fun idea Jenn!}

Want a few of those cutie acorns or a bunch of sticks to create with? 

Your dream has come true.

In between his games of chase with his "favorite" girl at school and playing Star Wars on the Wii, he has found time to collect.  My little business man.

Yes, not only acorns, but sticks.  Want some? You betcha.
Etsy never saw this kid comin.

Now go get creative!


OCP, Favorite Girl, & Mocking-Gigi

{Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes}
Do you remember that one thing your mom used to make for breakfast that you just LOVED? 
I couldn't get enough of those Dutch Babies (aka German Pancakes).  Sitting {and most likely fighting with} my starving sibling as we sat waiting for them to come out of the oven...what a memory.  Ahhh.

Well, I think I might know what my boys may be talking about one day. 

Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes.

The fact that the word "cookie" is in the title should give you just a little clue as to how yummy these bad boys really are.  Darn that Rachel Ray.  And curse that Pioneer Woman while I'm at it.  I wonder if they've factor them into the obesity problem in the US. 

You can get the printable recipe for these gems here at the Food Network website.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  And just so you know, the recipe called for raisins, but I didn't have I improvised with chocolate chips.  Ah, curse me too.

{Favorite Girl}
I also remember so long ago--back during the summertime--I had a little boy.  Everytime caught one of these wishing flowers he always asked for one thing: To be able to fly.

{For those who may have read this next little experience on Facebook, forgive me for repeating it.  I've got to blog about it so it ends up in our family blog book at the end of the year!}

Approx day 9 of Kindergarten:
Me: "How was your day? Did you make any new friends?"
Ethan: "It was great!  There is a girl that sits behind that is really nice."
Me: "What is her name?"   Ethan:  " I don't know."

Afterschool on Day 12:
Ethan: "Mom, I told my favorite girl that sits behind that I love her."
Me: "Really? What did she say?"
Ethan: " She said: I know. You always stare at me."
Me:" What is her name?"   Ethan: " I don't know."

Picking up Ethan-Day 13:
Ethan:" Mom, I know my favorite girl's name!! Its Kaylee!"
Me: "Good! Which one is she?"  We looked around and I thought he pointed to this girl who looked really sweet and must of had a great personality.  But then there she was...this dark hair, dark eyed gal fixing her cute pink headband in her hair.   I get it Ethan.

Later that day...about once an hour:
Ethan: "Mom, what's my favorite girls name again?"
Me: "Kaylee."
Ethan: "Oh, right."

Last Friday...Day 15
Ethan: " Mom, I ran with my favorite girl today. She is as fast as my "super run".

The rest is to be continued! I can't wait to go and volunteer in Ethan's classroom tomorrow!;) I'll let you know how it goes!

And I thought you might like this.  My niece is a 6th grader...her 1st year of middle school.  Last week she told me that she was going to run for SBO. {Student Body Officer...we called is ASB...Associated Student Body...but know what I'm talking about.}

I told her she needed to get a theme that would stand out.  This is what we came up with.  Some of you may appreciate this...

We thought it would be fun to play on the "hit the target", "I'll fight for you", etc.

How fun.  I hope she wins!

And by the way, I may be in the minority...but I liked the way Mockingjay ended.:)

And now let's get back on track.  Food. 
If you try this recipe you'll have to let me know how it turns out! 

And I had to post this picture with Ethan sticking a huge bite in his little mouth.  A memory in the making?


Easiest Pillowcase Dress Ever + Africa = :)

{PC Dresses}
If you missed my last post, here's the skinny on my latest quest...

1) At my church, I'm helping to get donations to for "Little Dresses for Africa"

This great non-profit group:
" a Christain based organization which provides relief to the children of Africa.  Simple dresses are made out of pillow cases and distributed through the orphanages in Central Africa to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy!" {This excerpt was taken from their blog. For more info please visit their site!}

2) Its a fun, easy project that anyone can do!  

I get giddy when I think of how happy each of these little gals must be to get a NEW, COLORFUL, dress that is THEIR OWN!  {I mean really, don't you just want to grab and kiss each of these sweet orphans?! I know, let's get on a plane, shall we?!}

This photo is courtesy of "Little Dresses for Africa"
A few months ago my friend Janeen and I made a few dresses to be sent. Being the rookies that we are at sewing, it took us a while to actually figure them out...yes, using pictures, blogs, blah, blah, etc. But we did it!

And now its your turn!

3) I've created a super simple tutorial that explains the easiest way to make these dresses that I could come up with.  I really think you'll be hard pressed to find an easier way to do it...believe me, I've tried.  Hey, its not the most fancy pants dress tutorial you'll ever find, but some little gal in Africa probably won't mind.  And if you're just starting to use a sewing machine this is the perfect project.

All you need is:

A pillowcase {LDFA asks they they be pre-washed and new or gently used.}
40 inches of ribbon -1/2" width {you'll cut the 40" in half--20" for each arm}
a sewing machine...or needle and thread;)

The Tutorial for the Easiest Pillowcase Dress in the Whole Wide World ;)

Please email me if you have any questions! Email:

If you'd like to add a dress or two to our shipment you are more than welcome to.  Please email me and I'll give you my address so you can stick them in the mail.  Our goal is to get them out by October 1. Let's do it!

And if you get a second...

I'm linking up...hopefully we'll get more dress donations!:)


Get Your Craft On Tuesday



Kids & Kisses

Aidan & I have both adjusted to Ethan getting on the bus everyday.  No more tears. Only kisses and waves.  ;)

Today when we got back from the bus stop Aidan forced chalk into my hand, and started yelling "choo choo" at me.  His "not to subtle" way of letting me know he would like to have me draw him a train...


Our little chalk project turned into a chalk city after Ethan came home from school.  As I watched I had one of those "ahhh" moments.  You know, the ones where you feel SO blessed to have SO much.  Man, I love these boys.

No one ever warned me how much I would love 2 little people. 

And I do.

And I'm so lovin' Aidan's new shoes.  I got them on sale at 6PM last spring and just pulled them out of the closet.  I wonder if seeing this little guy in these shoes will help my transition from summer to fall go a little smoother.  I'm still a struggle about that one.

And you will be seeing more of this type of goodie {pictured below} in the next few months? Can you guess what it is?  I won't FORCE you to answer...;)

Ethan's latest obsession thanks to Uncle Peter and Cousin Greyson.  {I could hardly take it when he realized that kids don't really get "real" light sabers.  I told them they were to dangerous for them.  The look on his face...oh man.}  Looks like we've found our theme for his birthday next month!

And I made this the other day.  The easiest sewing project in the world. I kid you not.

For those of you who live on another planet {or never sew} its called a pillowcase dress.  Yes, this dress I made out of pillowcase I got at WallyWorld.  It came in a pack of 2 that was $5.  The ribbon I just had floating around in the cupboard.

And why would I be making little girls' dresses?  Well, let me show you...

I know. I love them too.

A while back I got an email from a gal in my fabric co-op group who was collecting these little dresses to be sent to Africa.  My friend Janeen & I had blast trying to figure out how in the heck to make one...

And after an exciting evening of trying to follow directions, blog tutorials, and trial and error--this is what we ended up with.  I get giddy just thinking about the darling little gals that are wearing them right now!

And now, its your chance to make a few.

This month I'm helping to organize a service project for women at my church and in our community to making these sweet dresses.  Soon I'll be posting the easiest step-by-step tutorial you'll ever find.  If you don't already sew, this would be a great time to start!!

At then end of the month we'll be donating the dresses to the "Little Dresses for Africa" non-profit based Christian organization.  Can't sew? Check out their website for other ways to help get these dresses to these girls!

I mean, come on.  Can you even say no to this face?!   Ahh, my heart.  I can hardly deal with myself.

So for a RECAP: We'll be shipping all the dresses we can muster up at the end of the month to the "Little Dresses" organization & if you'd like to add yours to our shipment I'll give you details {as well as the tutorial} very soon.

And in the mean time...go give a kid a kiss. Yours, mine, anyones.  They need it. We need it.

And if you need a little "mom pick me up" here you go.  This is a great tribute.


NOTE: The pictures of the girls in the pillowcase dresses came from the "Little Dresses for Africa" website.  I did NOT take those pictures.

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