Oh & Happy New Year!

We had a fun night with family & friends last night! We played games, ate (& ate & ate) & watched the ball drop. Mom & Dad were here visiting from Oregon (although Dad was sleeping in the basement most of the night...he actually did make it through one game of win, lose, or draw!:), Marge from St. George, Matt & Kathryn from P-town, & Matt's friend from Oregon(Brandon & his cute wife Heather).

I debated posting our resolutions for 2009. Pro:If I do we'd have a better chance of reaching them since the whole world would know about them.
Con: The whole world would know about them.
To be continued...:)

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Brian said...

I think you should give "fake" goals. Ones that you will for sure do and be good at. That is what I would call a win, win!!

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