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{Summer Travel Games & Fun}
Did I really just say summer?! Its really that time of year?! Hurray!

Sometimes just thinking about going out of town for summer gets me through the lone and dreary winter. And now I'm even MORE excited for our trip!


Because instead of the boys playing games on our phones and kindle fire tablets we'll be engaging in some good old fashioned fun!  Real conversation, games, and other great activities!

Melissa & Doug, TravelKiddy, and Kid-O have all sent me some amazing activities to review and share on KSL TV & I can't wait to share them with you.

Are you ready for some fun ideas?! Let's do it! If you want to see these in action you can catch me on KSL Ch 5 TV (NBC affiliate) tomorrow...Wednesday March 11, 2015.

Let's start with some sweet activities from This family-owned and operated company that started online in 2009 with their fun-filled Travel Kiddy Essentials Adventure Kit...

And each order that is placed on their website includes a Bendi friend. Customers are encouraged to post picture of Bendi's adventure on Instagram using this hashtag: #bendiadventures. They also include a free copy of their Kids Travel Activity Book. Their blog is full of family travel tips & tricks, infographic, ebook, or whitepaper to help make family travel easier.

This month their site includes the Spring Packing List.   Other favorites include our Kids Travel Activity Book and our Ultimate Guide to Family Ski Adventures. How fun is that?! 

Here are a few other games that are worth playing: 

Family Road Trip
This fun game asks questions about the trip, opinions, preferences, and brings the family together through good old conversation! Look out Social Media..."REAL" Social may be on its way back! :) ($.9.99)

Don't worry about grabbing a pencil! Just grab your magnetic hangman zebra game. Or should we call it hang-zebra! :) ($5.99)

This USA map has magnetic states for you (or your kids:) to help learn state geography! Each state also has an icon to represent it so that we all can learn more about that part of the county.  ($9.99)

TrayKit Backpack for Air or Road Travel

If you want to put your own travel activities kit together here is the perfect solution. This cute backpack/bag attaches easily to an airplane tray or the back of a car seat. You just fill it with your child's favorite toys, games for spring break, and activities and off you go! Aidan (6) will be sporting this bag in a few weeks and he's thrilled.:)

 To wrap up these great products from are for those that love to their brains...

Around the Word Double Draw:

Grab your pencil and a little concentration and see if you can copy these drawing from around the world! I think I'll be trying to test my skills with this one! :)

Next up...the A to Z Magnatab! Kid-O has made practicing letter writing fun with the magetic letters and pen. Just trace over the letters with the special magnetic pen and the magnetic balls pop right up! Yay! When you want to write the letter again just push the magnet balls with your finger. 

You can take the Magnatab everywhere! Where will you go? The beach? On a plane? Your favorite restaurant? Regardless of where you go you'll keep those kids busy in a thoughtful way. ($29.99)

Love it. You find it at The Red Balloon toy store if you live in the Salt Lake area, or you can check out their site to find a store near you. 

How would like to win one of these best selling Magnatabs? Just go to the Kid O Facebook page, Like it,  share your favorite summer activity, and you'll be entered to win! Winner will be notified on St Patricks. 

May you have the luck of the Irish with you! :)

{Melissa & Doug}
Melissa & Doug. I've saved one of our favorite toy makers for last.

Over 25 year ago they started their company in the garage of the home where Doug grew up! Melissa & Doug means quality, long lasting toys in the Ashby home and I'm thrilled to be sharing some great travel activities and games with you.  You can find all of these online at 

Taking one of the post popular family car games to the next level! This wooden board with rotating license plates will make sure that no one cheats plus helps everyone learn the geography of the states! ($19.99)

Did you have one of these when you were a kid? I always wanted one but never got one...fortunately my best friend let me use hers. It inspires creativity and allows each girl to channel her authentic self into her fashion.  ($16.99)

Love this one for old times sake! 

Hangman for Travel
High quality wood hangman? Yep! Just flip the pieces over and over again for hours of fun!

Lacing is so great for the small motor skills of little ones. Concentration is a must while lacing these sturdy wood cards...and that just might mean some peace and quiet while on the road, on the beach, or out to eat. ($29.99)
{Safe Travels}
Did you get some good travel activity and game ideas for Spring Break? I'm looking forward to some great conversations while enjoy time together in the next few weeks. Hopefully my Mindcraft loving little men will feel the same...:)

+Emily Ashby aka Toad

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