Baby stuff I love...

I thought I'd share a few baby things that I'm really digging this time around. I've also attached a link so you can find out more details if you want to.
Here are a few so far...

*The Bumbo

You've seen Aidan sitting in this great seat on the counter. I like it because Aidan can sit upright and see what's going on even if he can't sit by himself yet. It also has a tray that attaches onto the front that will be wonderful when we start doing the real food thing!

*Sit N'Stand stroller

If you have more than 1 kid (and no twins:) this is so great. Ethan loves it because he's not locked in, and when we go to the zoo (or wherever) he can jump out and run when he wants to. It also carries a baby car seat in the front if you need it to.

This isn't new, but Aidan is having even more fun with it than Ethan did. I already posted Aidan jumping in it, but it was kindof dark so here is a better picture:

And last but not Carseat blanket!

A friend gave us one when Ethan was born, and its so great for winter babies. It doesn't attach to the car seat like some covers do, but its just a blanket that lays right in the seat. Its easy to pull off and wash & I love that I can wrap or unwrap it anytime to keep my babies at just the right temperature.

I'm actually in the process of making a pattern for it so if you're intersted let me know and I can give you details when I get it finished. The pictures below are of one that I'm making now- Even though its not quite finished you get the idea.

It looks that a starfish here...

But put it in the carseat...

And snuggle that baby right up!

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Tanya said...

love the car seat cover. can't wait for the pattern!

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