High 5's and Legoland

I LOVE traveling. Before the kids came I would get on an airplane every chance I could! Its SO much more work to get anywhere now, but its SO much fun to have traveling experiences with these boys!!

{Sidebar: Looks like I'll have the owl and pattern giveaway when I get back. Sorry if it kills you with anticipation.:)}

It was only on the way to the airport that we realized that we only had ONE binkie and forgot the portacrib. We'll see how that plays out!

I love airports. The smells, the people, the excitement of traveling somewhere! After so many flights with kid(s) I've got my little system to help things run smoothly...the stroller always goes on 1st so I can pull it off and stick the kid/kids in it--then the slip on shoes--and finally all of the bags.

Aidan was my biggest worry. At 18 months he has his own agenda...giving high 5's to random people sitting in the airport, trying to take a lady's carry on, & pulling his own little Diego rolling backpack to the front of the line...oh boy.

I'll post more about our trip later {lucky you!}, but I HAD to post some pictures of today's adventure. I {Heart} Legoland. Seriously. No crowds, FUN for toddlers, and great rides for 5 year olds. I feel like we've been missing out on one of the best places ever!! But instead of my rambling about it, here are some pictures that will give you a better idea...

EASY Free Owl Pattern and Tutorial

{Trey's EASY Owl}
Hang onto your hats, this is the easiest (love you beginners!), fastest, and cutest free owl epattern and tutorial around!  They make great owl pillows or toys for babies! (Super for kids because there are no choking hazards!)  Looking for a great baby shower gift or owl decor?  Yep! Here you go!

Side Bar...Trey= My sweet nephew with flaming red hair. (TreyandLucy)

But before I share this sweet pattern/tutorial with you, I have to tell you where my inspiration came from...

How cute are these owls from Pottery Barn Kids? I took one look and knew that I would never pay $20-30 for one, but I just might be up for the challenge of creating my own!

My sister Stephanie got the 1st one hot off the machine...

Then I had to make my niece Lucy one...you may recall this wild owl!

Isn't she sweet?  How would it be to have legs like that! (If you like it, here's my FREE Ms. Lucy Long Legs pattern and tutorial!)

And now, for the owl you've been waiting for!

{Mini-Book Option}
If you like your legs a little shorter you'll love Trey's owl.

My free pattern and tutorial is posted below...but if you'd like it in booklet form--here you go!

Save the time and hastle of having to copy and paste the directions from my blog...get your own little book!  Its a 6 page step by step color picture tutorial that includes even more pictures and tips for making this cute plushie! You just download, print, cut, staple, and love it forever.  For more info about it you can click here.

Like I said, the epattern & tutorial are posted for free below, but you can download your very own booklet for only $2.50 (limited time only) and its well worth the time!

Buy Now

Alright, enough talk. Let's get sewing!

{Trey's EASY Owl Pattern & Tutorial}
{Feel free to share your creations, just be sure to link back!:)}

Step 1: Download and print out the pattern pieces

Or if you'd rather, download and purchase the owl mini-book with the pattern pieces Click Here. {$3.50}

{Go Crazy!}
Please feel free to make as many owls as you like from my pattern for your personal use! If you show them off on your blog please be sure to link back--I'd love to see them! {You can add your sweet creation to my link party at the end of the post too if you'd like!}

{Sell 'Em}
If you'd like to make and sell a few of these precious owls feel free too! Just purchase my Commericial License in my Etsy shop for $12 and off you go! Who couldn't use a little extra spending money!;)

Thanks for stopping by!  

Love, Emily aka Toad

To thine own self be true...

I'm the 1st to admit I can be a bit silly sometimes. Fortunately, Ethan doesn't mind my wild antics as I make faces through the glass at preschool or sing in the car like I'm the next American Idol.

I guess we all have our funny little quirks. Isn't it great? I may regret sharing a part of my "silly self", but I thought it would be great to post a few things that I've giggled about lately...

Ethan: "I can't forget my Valentine!" Um, I guess its hard to love others if we don't love ourselves...right? So, what did you get yourself for valentine's day this year?:)

Meet this cute little bird.

Oh, look! Its landed in its nest! I'm still giggling about this...just one of my little projects gone wrong.

And finally, meet this unlikely couple. Would you ever have put them together? She seems a little "stiff" while he looks like he's ready to fly onto the back of a Harley...

But she may surprise you!
{PS This is what happens at 1:30AM when I'm excited about a project I just finished. I get a little more silly than usual!}

She's an owl with many hobbies and talents...

Yes, she's quite inspiring.
I'd better stop now. You've seen enough of my silly side for one night. Now you---go---and be silly yourself.;)
PS I PROMISE I'm working on the owl pattern...if all goes well I'll share it on my next post!

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