Real Acorns for your Fall DIY Decor

Real acorns for that DIY Fall Decor can be hard to find, but not if Ethan is around! Last fall around this time he started collecting acorns to sell on this Etsy Shop and you would not believe the response he got! 

He had people purchasing acorns from all over the country and the world! I guess acorns are hard to come by in the Middle East.  I suppose the desert is not the best place to find material for a fall wreath or Thanksgiving table setting. ;)

 And look who's shop is open and ready for business again this year! Ethan has collected a good little stash again so if you're in the market for an acorn or two...

But what will you do with them? There is always the fall wreath option or creating a little DIY Craft for the mantel.

Last year I posted a few Fall DIY Decor ideas that might inspire you to create something amazing! 

{Pumkin Carving Ideas)
And while we are in the spirit of autumn I just had to share these picture from last year's Halloween pumpkin carving at the Ashby home!  Mindcraft pumpkins were the design of choice. I wonder what they will carve this year! 

And Aidan had a thing or two about the experience...

{Happy Fall!}

+Emily Ashby

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