The "Bra strap" Headband

As I wandered through JoAnn's trying to find a cute "elastic" type cord, I couldn't help but think how I should just invent it.  Not a fold over elastic, or anything too fat, too skinny, or just black and white.  Cute colored elastic that I could make headbands out see I wanted to make a cute double band that actually fit my head and kept my awkward lengh of hair from falling out when I put it back.

After taking what felt like forever {the boys were with me--you know how that is}, I finally came across an elastic that I thought would work!  I was quite excited, and immediately took it to the cutting lady for a yard+ {21 inches for each band}.  I handed it to her and this was the conversation:

JoAnn's lady: "Where did you find this?"

Me pointing: "Over took me forever to find!"

JoAnn's lady: "I wish I would have known that.  Yesterday I had a lady who was trying to find the elastic for a bra strap and this would have been perfect."

Me:  "Oh, how funny.  I'm using it to make myself a headband!  I guess one woman's bra strap is another women's headband!"

Hence the name of my latest project...

{The Bra strap Headband}

I know you've heard the phrase:
"A picture speaks a thousand words."

Well, for this tutorial I'm going to test it out!  If you have questions please feel free to email me, but I think these pictures will pretty much explain how to make one of these cute bands. 

Also, if you want to win one {and don't mind wearing bra straps on your head;)} just leave me comment and tell me what your favorite thing about summer is!  I'll have a drawing in a few days.

{Pictures ONLY Tutorial}

I'm lovin' mine and I hope you like yours too!

{Shock and Awe}
Like most little boys, Aidan {1 1/2}, LOVES trains.  So when Thomas came to town I thought it he would be the perfect activity!  I thought he would go crazy seeing a real Thomas the train-- you know, like how kids go crazy on Christmas morning, Disneyland, or birthday parties! 

Now, does this look like the face of a little man full of excitement?

I call it Aidan's "shock and awe" reaction.  Isn't that so funny?  Despite the rough exterior I'm convinced that deep down he was really enjoying himself. :) 

Yeah, he's pretty much having the time of his life.:)

Maybe we'll just stick to the mini trains.;)

{Cosmo Cricket+Erin Morris} & Wabbits

{More great fabric!}Let me introduce you to a great fabric called Early Bird from the the Cosmo Cricket line at Andover.  I love the clean look and colors!  

And here's another new fave of  mine!  Erin Morris at Free Spirit designed this one.  Its from her Weekends line!

Do you like these as much as I do?

Awww. Look at this little guy! The rabbits at Tanya's house do not receive a shortage of lovin'.  My boys couldn't keep their hands off of them! And how cute are they?!

Can't wait to get our hands on you guys again this summer!

Back with the Berries!

{Next Trip}
Yes, we'll be back to Oregon when the berries {and the sun} come...


I'm a total rookie at photography, but its fun for me to have a new skill to learn! Lately I've been trying new "actions" in Photoshop Elements. {An action is basically a way to tweek photos to look a different least that's how I define it.;)}

I just came across this blog called My 4 Hens Photography was inspired by the photos and her actions. I'd been looking for some new actions for Elements and she had a great selection!

I was playing around with some pictures from the trip & its fun to see how they turned out! Most of the changes are pretty subtle, but it added an artistic charm that I'm really diggin'.

Which one do you like best?

Photobook: Make a Keepsake Father's Day Gift!

Need a quick, easy, cheap Father's Day gift? Well, its your lucky day... how about a handmade photobook!

As I unpack and get back to "normal" life after our little road trip {yes, I'm back}, I figured I'd re-post this great little gift idea. It was a hit with the grandparents last Father's Day!

Our little photobook was VERY basic---as you can see--but imagine what you could do to "spiff" it up! Give your kids some crayons, stamps, pictures, and then them go for it!

Easy PhotoBook

What you'll need:
Paper cutter (or scissors)
Hole punch
A piece of string/ribbon

Here's the scoop:

Get a piece of 81/2X11" piece of cardstock

Cut it 4 inches lengthwise:
Fold it 1 inch from the left & 41/2 inches from the right: (click on the picture to make it bigger)
Cut your "pages" out of paper or cardstock:
Put one piece of the paper inside the book

Fold over the left side and make 2 hole punches where you'd like the string to go:
Take out the paper and use it as a pattern to punch holes in 4-5 more "pages";

Put in all of your hole punched pages and thread your string through the holes:
Tie it in back:
And lookie here!

Now get some 3X3 inch pictures (I just printed some out) & tape/glue them to the pages:

Decorate the front (& inside if you want to) and there you go! A gift made with love.:)

PS The books I talked about in my last post were The Hunger Games & Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. It was fun to see how many of you loved them as much as I did! Can't wait for August 10 when book #3 comes out!! {Or next year when the movies comes to town!!}

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