Good Things Utah

This morning as I was picking up scrambled eggs off the carpet to get ready for the big "TV shoot" I wondered if we'd be ready in time. Thank goodness I had some help from some GREAT people!! {I'll give more detailed credits at the end of the blog.}

Turns out the segment is for Good Things Utah. For those who don't already know...GTU is a show on ABC4 at 10AM hosted by 4 "anchor women"...its kindof a local version of "The View". I'm waiting to hear back from Nicea {the reporter over the segment}, but the rumor is that it will air on Monday.

At 1st I was a little nervous, but once Bill {this awesome cameraman in orange} started working his magic, things actually seemed to go really well! {The other girl is the intern.}

Check out my "reality show" mic in the back of my jeans. When they asked me if I'd seen one before I told them the truth: "Yeah, I've seen them on The Hills.":)...

I guess Nicea was suppose to come and interview me since it was her story, but something came up and she couldn't make it. Hey, it happens. Since we are both BYU grads I have to give her some slack!:) Some of you may recognize her...So it was Bill, Caroline {the intern asking the questions}, me, & the wild man Aidan. {Plus my Bob, Aunt Diane {who saved the day}, and Heather's sister Katie who was so great to bring her baby to "model" the car seat blanket!}

Here's Bill giving me some pointers...heaven knows I needed them! Most people say "Um" as their catch phrase, but not me. One of my biggest downfalls is saying, "You know?" all of the time. It drives Bob crazy. I really hope they just edit out all of my public speaking woes!

Check out Super Spy Ethan sneaking some brownies while his mom is busy...

I'm so curious to see how it all gets put together! It was a really fun experience.

Now for my thank-you speech. But really, I couldn't have done it without these guys!

So let's give some high 5's for these guys!!

Bill the camera guy! {Make me look good veteran;) are so great!}
Bob {Thanks for being patient with me, for your pointers, getting Aidan ready to go!}
Diane {Thanks for bring up the car seat blanket & for your help and feedback!}
Katie & Eliza {You are so great. Thanks for volunteering...Eliza was a perfect model!}
Heather {Thanks for calling Katie!}
And everyone else who sent good wishes! {You guys rock.}

Looks like I'll be start the drawing for the baby giveaways on Monday!


Eh said...

(Laughing) Some times it's hard to be a star, you know?
I just started laughing at the ole filler words. Remember back in the day, your Freshman year at BYU when you took a public speaking course? Fabulous, that is what I think about you. Plus you look super skinny-hats off lady.
Jenny (Syndergaard)

Hernandez Family said...

You have lost a lot of weight! You look great. I love good things utah so I will definatly be watching on Monday!

Tanya said...

so exciting. can't wait to see it!

Jessica said...

I want to watch!! Em, you look fantastic! What a fun and exciting day!

Aimee said...

You are one "hot" mama! Good job! I'm glad it went well - can't wait to see the finished product.

p.s. I love your house! It looks so great!

swtelford said...

UM, You look soo dang skinny and happy! Way to go!

Unknown said...

Jenny Beth! So great to hear from you!! I laughed out loud when you mentioned that public speaking class...oh man.

I hope you are doing well!!

Dawn said...

You look so great! You'll have to send me a link since I don't get GTU here. I'm excited to see your show!

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