Libery Park: The "Central Park" of SLC

Yeah, I'm still trying to get all of my summer pictures posted! This post is part of my "What I {heart} about Utah" segment. If you're a local and haven't been to Liberty Park for a while you may want to drop by! It has become one of our favorite summertime destinations. And here are a few of our favorite things about the park.

{The rides} The ferris wheel is just one of the "old school" rides they have. Ethan begs whoever we are with to go on it with him. This time the lucky rider was Aunt Stoophy! {Thanks also goes to Uncle Peter, Marge, Heather, & everyone else who also rode with Ethan!}

And its alot faster than it looks!:)

{Yum} Ethan LOVES cotton candy. Every time we went to a fair this summer I let him pick one treat...and you guessed it! And just for the record--Liberty Park makes their cotton candy fresh, its strawberry, its $1.75, & its the best we've found.

{The Fountains} This part of the park is so great! They treat the water so the kids can run and play in it...

Each of the 7 canyons around the SL valley is represented. Every canyon also has a "river" that flows from the "top" down to the bottom where there is a wading pool.

Ah, there's nothing like cooling off your feet on a hot summer day! And with plenty of trees around, you can stay there all afternoon!

And it could possibly be Aidans favorite place to play now that he's walking.

See ya next summer Liberty Park!

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