Wheeler Farm Baby!

Even though summer may be over, the weather is still good & let's take advantage of it! If you're a local looking for something free and fun to do...pack a lunch & head on out to the middle of the valley! Wheeler Farm is one of our favorite places to visit. Its especially fun to visit in the spring {with the new babies} or in the fall {with all the great festivities}. Here's a peak at some of the fun at the "farm"!

{The Animals} Sheep, pigs, cows, rabbits, duck, geese {what out for them!}, & chickens are just a few of the animals you'll see! There are also 2 calves now, they are very cute.:)

Aidan kept pulling the sheeps wool. It was pretty funny....well, for us--probably not for the sheep.:)

Aidan and his cute friend Sadie enjoyed the animals right at their level...{can you imagine how weird it would be to have a pig your size?}

There are so many fun thing so see! {Here's my friend Heather and part of the gaggle of kids that came with us!}

Aidan loved chasing the birds...{see the pigeon escaping on the right?}

He also followed the chicken as far as I would let him. Poor chicken. :)

{Tractor Rides!} If you feel like forking out $1.50/each you can take a tractor ride around the property. It isn't the coolest ride you've ever taken, but the kids love it...and we all know that's all that matters.:) You can also milk a cow for $.50 at 5 PM.:)

The treehouses they have are favorite amongst all of the littles...

and so is tree climbing!

So grab a few friends who are up for a good time {like Heather & Katie and their cute girls--thanks guys!}, and enjoy the afternoon on the farm!

Stay tuned! Soon I'll have the marker drawing and some more great giveaways! Don't forget to leave a comment to be entered in the drawing!:)

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