With the countdown on to Ethan's 5th birthday, {and believe me...he is counting down each day}, he is keeping himself busy with various "activities". If he had his choice Ethan would have a friend over every day, all day. Last week Hollee was over and they got in the last "water day" of the year. {Isn't she so cute?}

However, when friends aren't around the latest "activity" that has consumed Ethan's time is writing on notecards. A few weeks ago Bob & I were asked to speak in church. I'm old school when it comes to public speaking, so I pulled out my notecards to write down my "speech".

Ethan sat at the table by me, asked for a notecard, & started writing intensely. I didn't think much of it until later when I found notecards all over the house. We picked them up and started putting them on the kitchen table. Here's glimpse into the mind of this busy little man...

This one is my favorite...he said this was him & I fishing.

Yeah, this may be a random post, but aren't these the things moms never want to forget? Anybody have any extra notecards?;)

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