{TT} Pull out those cookie cutters!

I just wanted to remind all of you that there is more to life than sugar cookies around the holidays! {Although if you catch me on a bad day I can down more sugar cookies than you can imagine.} So pull out those cookie cutters and have some fun with your little ones!

This time we just used a box mix and cut out the shapes. If you want a recipe I posted one a while back that was pretty good...it was for more a "sheet" cake brownie.

Since Ethan believes that he is part vampire {thanks to his teacher at school who noticed he has "sharp teeth"} he demanded that he got to eat the bat brownie. {Well, okay. I can't just blame his teacher. The other day I was trying to explain to Bob some of that "rational" behind Twilight & Ethan must had picked up on a few things.}

And no, not all vampires drink blood.;)

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