Summer Catchup

I'm not sure where the summer went, but I miss it already. I'm totally behind in my posts, so I'll have to play catch up as soon as I can.

My favorite thing about this summer was having so much fun with the boys. With Bob in school and working so much we went spent most of our days hanging out. Don't get me wrong..each of us had our "moments";), but overall we had a fun time.


Now that Ethan is in preschool 3X week its a nice change of pace...but I'd miss him too much if it was any more than that.


Speaking of Ethan...I'd better blog about his latest "stories" before I forget!

#1 "Mom, I have an idea."
"Let's pray for Jesus to put money in the bank."

#2 After a long day I just needed a few minutes to myself. I told Ethan I needed a break {and explained what that meant} and I went out back. A few seconds later I hear a pounding on the glass door and Ethan and Aidan both waving to me.

A minute or two later I couldn't hear them {which always makes me nervous} so I went inside. I couldn't find Ethan so I started to call for him.

He came out of the bathroom and said, "I just needed a break. Hey mom, now let's have our breaks together!!"

#3 My parents garden in Oregon did amazing this year. Moving the fence back to include the pasture that the cows used to be in was a great idea, especially because that specific area was full of manure.

While we were visiting in July, Ethan loved to go out with my Mom and pick things from the garden. He was holding a huge zucchini and said, "Check out my bikini!"

And he LOVES cotton candy...



As long as he isn't overtired or hungry he is so fun to be around. His latest joke {that many of you may have already heard...several times} is:
Why did the skeleton cross the road? To get to the body shop!
{I read it to him off of a laffy taffy wrapper a few weeks ago.}

{Our helper} When he wants to be, he is a really big help. The other day we picked him up from school and cousin Greyson was in the car...he said in a high pitched voice: "Where's the cute little baby? There he is!"

He also likes to help us out doing various chores-as long as its not too hot, sunny, windy, or if he's too tired or hungry.:)


I can't believe he'll be 5 in October. I asked him to stop growing, but he told me he wanted to have his birthdays. Looks like I'd better enjoy every minute I can...they go way too fast.

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