Window Marker Giveaway!

I've once again been inspired by Dr. Laura. So, in an attempt to not be such a "naggy" wife & show my man more love-- I thought it would be cute to do something fun.

So I grabbed a window marker from the dollar store...

and Secret Agent Ethan {as he calls himself}. I distracted Bob while Ethan went to work!

We created a fun surprise to show our love for the man of the house next time he left for work!

And yes, he loved it.

I realized I haven't had a "giveaway" in a while...So, in honor of all of the great men in our lives I'm going to giveaway 2 of these great window markers! Then you can show your guy some love too! Just leave me a note in the comments, and you'll be in the drawing!


Jessica said...

What a sweet idea Em, you are so fun! I love the things that you are doing with your boys! And they are so cute!

Christi said...

How fun! That's a cute idea.

Dawn said...

What a wonderful way to show Dad some love! Thanks for the idea!

GroverFamily said...

I love this idea and i would totally do it but my husband is really particulary about his car. So if i win im going to have them write on my car:)

Hernandez Family said...

Cute! I usually take a dry erase marker and write love notes on the mirror.

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